Triphala Churna: An Effective Ayurvedic Medicine


Triphala churna is considered one of the most beneficial health supplements available in the market today. It gives countless health benefits to those who take it. The principal usage is to aid in digestion. It works as a laxative, cleanse the body of waste, and aids the body in maintaining balance. It is actually the powdered form of Triphala herb, an Ayurvedic natural medicine that combines three fruits: amla, haritaki and vhibitaki.

Digestion Benefits

It is considered useful for complaints in digestion such as flatulence, bloating of the abdomen. Triphala benefits your body during chronic digestion. It stimulates the activity of the rectal muscles and aids in the easy passage of bowels every single day. Also, it helps in the stimulation of appetite in children who do not like to eat anything because of the bloating of gas formation inside their bodies.

Triphala aids the body in easy digestion of the food and helps maintain normal metabolic rate of the body. It is recommended for older people who are suffering from weak digestion and other digestive problems. It is considered as what they call as “tridoshi crasayan.” It is an element or a substance, which contains positive effects for the chief three elements, which are believed in Ayurveda to have control of life – vata, pitta, as well as kapha. Vata manages the nervous system. Pitta regulates the metabolism of the body, while kapha maintains the structure of the body in a balanced state. Since this herb is understood to be a tridoshic rasayan, it can be consumed to maintain the smooth performance of the body.

Other Perks

  • Water decoction / Kashaya prepared with powdered form of Triphala can be used to treat non-healing wounds.
  • It is also used in the treatment for diabetes because of its rich anti-oxidant properties.
  • Improve eyesight and to treat computer vision syndrome.
  • It is a well-known medicine to aid in chronic fever.
  • It is also used to help in the treatment of obesity.
  • Extremely beneficial for skin diseases.
  • It is known to relieve laziness.
  • It helps in curing weak circulation, high blood pressure, impaired liver function, and severe stress.
  • Triphala provides the body protection from harmful bacteria, viruses, mutagens, allergies, and possibly even cancer.
  • Can help in improving a person’s taste.
  • It helps in maintaining good reproductive health in both men and women because of its Vitamin C content.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in a lot of orthopedic health conditions like arthritis, joint paints, etc.
  • Also, helps students by making their brains sharp and by cutting off anxiety and nervousness.

Many people have already acknowledged the goodness that Triphala could offer. Take this famous supplement to keep your body at its prime. Live a happy and a longer life made possible with this amazing herb.

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