How to Find an Unlimited Amount of Hypnosis Practice Partners


For the longest time I was struggling to find hypnosis training partners. This is no longer an issue, as I have discovered a relatively untapped source!

If you live in a relatively largely populated area, then is a good choice. Even if you live in a smaller city or town it can be a good resource. The reason meetup is so good, is that it automatically emails people anytime a group is created that they might be interested in. Make sure to join and search for Hypnosis Meetups in your area. There are no meetups in your area? Create one!

Keep in mind when creating a meetup group to keep it non-spammy. People are looking for Hypnosis training partners, not a hypnosis training that you are trying to pitch to them. If you are actively promoting a business your group will be shut down immediately. Believe me, I found this out the hard way. I wasn’t trying to promote a business, I simply had a link back to my website. A few days after you create the group, meetup will email everyone in your area that is interested in Hypnosis/NLP. Pretty soon you’ll have so many people interested in Hypnosis, training’s might be requested by people.

The next method to find practice partners is practically bullet-proof! It utilizes a relatively unknown Facebook search function. Instead of just finding everyone in your area, you can find people that are actually interested in Hypnosis. How it works is very simple. There is a special Facebook search function that helps find people by exact location. To top it off you can find people who have mutual friends. In order for this to work there are two things you need to take into consideration:

1) The more Hypnotists and NLP people you have on your friends list the better. Its basically a numbers game.

This method of searching for people works better if you have more Hypnotists on your friends list. The reasoning behind this is – The more Hypnotists that you have on your friends list, the greater the chance they know someone in your area. I know – its not the best explanation.

2) You’ll probably get better results by having someone that doesn’t live by you doing the searching.

Lets say you live in San Diego, CA. and you want to find Hypnosis training partners. Sure you can try to search with this method for people in San Diego. The only problem is that you’ll probably end up with a lot of false positives. Considering that you live in San Diego, there is a good chance you’re friends with a lot of people that live in that area. The search function will end up returning a lot of people that live in that area that aren’t interested in Hypnosis. I know this might not be the best explanation, just trust me.

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