The Male Massage Therapist: The Sexuality Problem


Massage can be a nurturing field of work, and traditionally, service sectors in which caring is the target have been mainly occupied by women. Nursing and teaching come to mind straight away, however the massage business has already been heavily populated with female practitioners. You might think that the gender of the psychologist is of small significance and for the most part, this can be true.

The Comfort of your Client

Fundamentally, its the comfort level of your client and their preconceived a few ideas of massage which could influence their choice of one gender of therapist over another. Women usually state they feel more comfortable with an other woman lest they feel judged about their body. Demonstrably, this arises more from self-judgement than the truth of the professional who works together many different figures every day. Many men worry a male therapist might be gay, and while this may be correct, it’s unquestionably another projection onto a professional. The bottom line is that you’re investing in a therapeutic experience based on the skills and talents of the practitioner. A sexual experience does not mean a sexualized experience, but this judgment continues to this day in the world of bodywork. Aside from any appearance of gender bias, a customer needs to feel comfortable with the individual with whom they work.

Real Differences

Are there any variations in how male and female counselors work? To produce any comparison based exclusively on sex would be its prejudice and a gross generalization. Most counselors have a ‘signature’ design based in the methods they’ve examined, their personalities and their particular tastes in obtaining bodywork. It’s vital that you locate a psychologist whose style and abilities are a good match for what you’re looking for. Personally, I really like deep work. I like to feel as numerous sheets of fascia as you can including feel stretched, to their insertions things and flexed-so I have a tendency to work in this way. People who want deep-tissue massage will frequently seek out male therapists. I’ve had excellent deep work by female practitioners, while a therapist’s peak, weight and power can assist in deeper work. Alternatively, I have many clients who come to me solely for stress relief or insomnia and such force would not be enjoyable. An excellent therapist is an convenient therapist.

The Ability Behind the Fingers

Some practitioners approach the others as a specialist and body being an artist. For me, it’s a mix of both. Familiarity with anatomy and physiology supplies a foundational road-map for that more rhythmic, intuitive expression or movement over the body. I love to consider it in terms of the old duality of yang/yin, left brain/right brain, and male/female. One is technical, another instinctive, but together they build the party that leaves one feeling therapeutically revived. In lots of ways dance is really a very appropriate metaphor to describe the dynamic knowledge between some body and their massage therapist; no two experiences are precisely alike. Someone who is guarded physically or psychologically will not have the same experience as someone who rests instantly or falls asleep. A consumer who practices yoga or sports will most definitely have a different experience with a therapist than some one with fibromyalgia or body dysmorphia. As professional therapists we are train to approach your client appropriately and recognize these differences.

Make your decision based on the knowledge, when buying a massage therapist and how they promote themselves. Until you feel strongly about it avoid gender biases. Trying different experts to understand differences could be gratifying in its own way. Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs and goals. Above all, allow you to ultimately relax and take pleasure in the wonderful knowledge human touch could be and how it resonates on a lot of levels inside your being.

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