The Best Paid Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

The Best Paid Jobs in the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry these days is undergoing a huge revamping, especially in the United States. With the prospect of many new health plans being introduced over the course of the next few years in that country and around the world, many of the best paid jobs in the healthcare industry are going to be expanded and demand is going to increase. For someone that is looking to get healthcare based training today, this is certainly a very good thing. Below is a listing of some of the best paid jobs in the healthcare industry.


This one is of course the most obvious one of them all. Just about every single surgeon that works in the healthcare industry is paid very well to work in the healthcare industry. Surgeons are some of the most skilled and specialized people in the world when it comes to actual expertise and the amount of money that they get for being a surgeon is something that actually does qualify as being deserving based on what they do for society. When you take that into account and weigh it against the other professions, there are some that feel that most surgeons don’t get paid enough as well.


Technologist is a general term that is used to refer to a long list of different technology jobs that can be landed in the healthcare field. If you are someone that performs CAT scans on different patients, you are a healthcare technologist. If you are someone that performs X-Ray scans on different patients, you are a healthcare technologist. These are jobs that are often underrated in terms of their income, but this is mostly because of the fact that many people are just ignorant of what technologists actually do. The fact of the matter is that being a technologist means that you will have one of the best paycheques of any of the healthcare industry areas in which you will work.

Lab Worker

Another job that pays relatively well in the healthcare industry would have to be the lab worker job. This is a profession that has a relatively low entry barrier, but as you rise up through the ranks you will find that your salary takes impressive leaps at the exact same time. Interestingly enough, you also get a huge amount of satisfaction out of pursuing this job. You know right off the bad that things you are doing in the lab are benefitting patients all over the medical ward in which you work. That is certainly information that you can use to keep yourself feeling good during the down times of the job.


For the most part, just about any job that is directly connected with the healthcare industry will pay a lot better than you might otherwise think. This is because a lot of them do have extra education attached to them. If you are really interested in getting one of the best paid jobs in healthcare though, the above list would certainly be a good place to start.

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