Stop Smoking EFT and Muscle Testing – Marcelle, Third Session


“Marcelle” (not her real name) is seeing me for stopping smoking. I have previously helped some of her relatives, and she wanted to stop smoking with me. She had tried before on her own and lasted about one day. She is now on my reduction plan, where we reduce smoking until she stops. This is a plan that works very well for smokers in Cape Town, where the pressures of life mean that quitting in one session is a rare possibility. This is unlike my home town of London, where most people could easily stop in one session. In Cape Town, I now use EFT tapping and Kinesiology-based muscle testing for treatment and accurate gauging of the reduction plan, and the combination works like magic. I am really delighted that Marcelle gave permission to write her stop-smoking journey, so that others can know just how easy and complete this combination can be.

The third session went off to a great start. Marcelle had reduced her smoking even further than expected. The reason was that despite a huge challenge which would have sent her straight to the cigarettes, she was able to remain strong by doing her homework! This was a simple adaptation of EFT tapping called rant-and-tap, where you tap on favorite or emergency points over and over again whilst talking or thinking about what is bothering you. This was Marcelle’s mother being abusive, and Marcelle handled the situation very well. I also think that treating some of the mother root causes had taken a good chunk of the reasons to smoke out of Marcelle’s energy system, leaving her stronger overall. Marcelle was justifiably proud of her achievement as she told me how she decided to tap as soon as she needed to, thereby being able to overcome what was a strong urge to smoke.

We then started looking for smoking triggers. I asked Marcelle to imagine she is looking at a DVD of her life, going back and forth in time, until it reached an incident or a time where she felt like smoking. This was after a meal. I asked her where she was in the DVD and who was with her. She said she was in the lounge on her own. So we tapped on that scenario, using wording like “Even though I have this after eating cigarette desire… ” as well as what I call Ericksonian EFT, where I tell a thought-changing hypnotic story as we tap. The desire went from a 6 out of 10 to a 3 to a 2, where it stayed. Sensing that probing further was not appropriate, I decided it was good enough and moved on.

Next, I asked Marcelle about her smoking desire at a forthcoming social event. It was a 3 out of 10. I tapped with her on all aspects I could think of, but then she suddenly said that it was the car journey where she saw herself smoking. We had only just started to tap on that when out tumbled a surprising root cause. Marcelle had been in a terrifying car accident some 20 years or more previously. So we tapped on all the points whilst she told me about the car accident, so that we can release it from her system gently. I kept asking her questions about it that she had to answer, all very gently of course. And at the end of that tapping, the desire to smoke in the car was under a 1 out of 10. All very good!

We then tapped on the smoking desire when Marcelle got up in the night. This went from a 7 out of 10 to a 4 to a 2. We used wording such as “Even though I need this night cigarette… ” and mentally walked through the processes we tapped. And finally, we muscle-tested for the minimum number of cigarettes Marcelle could easily have, and this turned out to be 6. So I gave her a target of 6-9 per day to aim for till next time.

If you have tried to stop smoking and are struggling, maybe you can try EFT with a reduction plan. It can be a fairly easy journey to your freedom too.

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