Light Therapy For Skin Care

New innovations are brought to us every day and in the skin care field this is very common to see a new cream said to be a revolution. However, some equipment can take care of our skin and today light therapy for skin care has now a bigger place and role to play. There are many uses and benefits with this technique, from clearing your skin from acne, to stimulating collagen and getting a younger skin or even healing and moisturizing the skin naturally. We will see in this article what light therapy can do for your skin and why it could replace most of your skin care treatments.

First, light therapy for skin care is not about UV, which is common sense since UV rays need to be avoided when your skin needs to be healed for any condition. That’s why your dermatologist recommend to not expose your skin to the sun when you are following an acne treatment, for example. Light therapy is not a substitute to tanning booth, so don’t expect any suntan, again light therapy products don’t use UV lamp.

Actually, the light treatment is a LED light therapy, a technology that has been scientifically proven to improve skin issues like acne, aging, hyperpigmentation. 9 out of 10 persons using light therapy see their skin condition getting better. This is a very high level of success.

Red light is the “color” used the most and considered the most important. Overall, red light therapy is a multi-purpose skin treatment. It indeed heals skin and can deal with signs of aging (reducing wrinkles and fine lines or age spots) but also sun damaged skin or acne (reducing scarring, removing blemishes…). It is mainly associated to an anti aging treatment as its natural properties stimulates collagen production and increase circulation, giving elasticity and firmness back to your skin.

Blue light therapy is the choice for treating acne. It kills the bacteria causing acne and prevent future breakouts. The result is a clear skin. Blue light and red light combined makes are very powerful acne treatment and make acne disappear.

If light therapy equipment was mainly used by spas and doctors, every one can now own the same technology in a portable device. The treatment being 100% natural and producing no side effects, it’s easy to understand why more and more people turn to a one time effective investment ($200-$400). The device can even be shared with friends or the whole family.

To conclude, light therapy is a fantastic of getting a better skin, clear skin, younger looking skin. It doesn’t need any chemicals or drugs but only led light. Light therapy devices are a serious alternative that works to anti aging cream or acne spot treatments. Their cost in the long term being very low.

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