Roll Out Your Fascia and Other Exercise Tips


Rolling your fascia out can be a great additive to any work out routine. We are still studying the science behind fascia and how it effects our workouts. You can incorporate any exercise into a workout routine that will work out your fascia. Below is a list of some of the best exercises to roll out your fascia. You can add any of these in your workout routine to work out your fascia.

Crunches- When you do a good crunch, you are using your midsection muscles all throughout your body. Also, a good crunch can work out the muscles of your abdomen for a long time.

Medicine ball/trampoline swings- Medicine ball is great because you can target different parts of your body. When you do a medicine ball swing you can target the back of your upper torso and also the front of your lower torso. When you do a trampoline swing, you target your core muscles. They are exercises that you can do anytime that can work out your lower trunk muscles.

You can also find other good exercises to roll your fascia out, and equipment. Most equipment for fascia rolling will have a guide with it, so, it’s very easy to understand and follow.

*Pilates Workout Routine: Like medicine ball, you can use your pilates routine to target your fascia. Pilates can be done in your living room or in a gym. With pilates you can do an abdominal twist or a pelvic tilt. With this routine you work out your midsection with your hands or your feet. You can also use your pilates fitness bands to help with this routine. You can also do this routine with your gym ball.

You can use gym equipment like the stability ball or the medicine ball for the pelvic tilt. And you can also use a good quality fascia roller.

I’m listing some exercises that I find really good for rolling out your fascia and they will work out your lower trunk muscles. You can use these exercises when you are at home or at the gym. Also these exercises you can use even when you are not yet in a gym. When you work out with these exercises you should be sure that your muscles are warmed up before you start doing your regular workout.

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