Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Machine – Top 5 Benefits


If you where wondering what the benefits of Ellen Croft’s Supreme Pilates machine were, this is the perfect article for you. We will look at the top 6 benefits of regular use of the machine. It will help you to decide whether you have to invest in the machine or not.

Increased flexibility and lengthening of muscles

Pilates stretches each and every muscle and this increases your flexibility and it also lengthens the muscles. The Supreme Pilates machine allows for different exercises and will stretch and lengthen different muscles than with other Pilates machines.

Stronger and tighter core

One of the Supreme Pilates machine’s main focus points is the core area – the muscles of your lower back, hip flexors and abs. It strengthens the core muscles and will give you a tighter and a more tucked in look to your abs.

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Pilates is a very calming exercise that will soothe your nervous system and reduce your stress and anxiety. Regular exercise also boost your mood and make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Increased energy and metabolism

You will notice how at every workout you feel much more energetic than before. Regular Pilates practice also boosts your metabolism – helping you to burn more calories and maybe even helping you lose weight.

More defined muscles

Your whole body will start to look leaner and more defined than before with each practice. You may also experience a lowering in your fat percentage or even some weight loss.

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