Physiotherapy – A Solution To Stroke Patients?


To watch a beloved one suffer due to stroke is a pathetic experience. The mental agony, patience and hope that he will become mobile and regain the ability to speak one day are always within us. Physical therapy is administered to a stroke patient within a few days he gets admitted to the hospital. It has been proved that physiotherapy enables patients overcome their disabilities though it is time consuming.

Various programs are involved in the physical therapy. The objective of physiotherapy for the people who suffer from stroke is to provide strength and keep the patient’s limbs motile and prevent the recurrence of stroke. To prevent the muscles and limbs from becoming weak it must be noted that proper attention is given and exercise techniques are maintained. The patients and the care taker are trained in a proper way so that they perform the exercises correctly. Some other techniques that are taught to the care taker and the patient are keeping all things safe and secure, such as keeping the patients away from stoves and ovens, removing any obstacles from the patients’ path, ways to cook food, and helping them with balance. One should be extra cautious while leaving a patient who is affected by stroke alone.

Physiotherapy is provided for patients affected by strokes at hospitals or at rehabilitation centers. A lot of patients who are affected by stroke stay in hospitals for long tenure or set up a home like atmosphere.

Most exercises performed by physiotherapists for patients affected by stroke are similar to those taught for those suffer from disabilities. Some of the techniques used are percussion instruments, massages, suctioning, prescription of medicines and evaluation. For patients who have lung and respiratory problems, physiotherapists recommend exercises which involve coughing and taking deep breaths…

Persons who can manage to stand on their own learn other exercises which may at times or may not involve the use of walking aids. They try to get up from the bed, move from a chair to a wheel chair or trying walking without incident. Stroke patients are also taught exercises which include stretching, strengthening the muscle, endurance and deep breathing.

A lot of techniques are used by physiotherapists for stroke patients having speaking difficulties. Short- term speaking therapy has been successful in restoring speaking skills in patients affected by stroke. Speech therapist works on the language of the stroke patient for 3 hours every day for some weeks. The patient will be given ample time to try and speak as it is known that emotions interfere their speech patterns.

Physiotherapy which when administered for stroke patients comprises diagnosis, treatment, care, massage, discussion and exercise and they lead the patient through the path to recovery.

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