Heaviness or Over-Energized After Meditation?


Meditation on bad emotions, incidences or thoughts can have unexpected results. One might not feel good and refreshed after the meditation and might just say, ‘Ohh I am over-energized’

Sometimes, we are truly over-energized. At times, there is a large downpour of divine energy and we feel heaviness throughout the entire body. This is one form of being over-energized as well.

What happens when we are in bad mood and we try to meditate?

When we meditate, there is a downpour of divine energy from the crown (top of the head).

As the energy enters the body, it tries to clear the blockages. But we are still thinking about the unwanted things that have created blockages in the body and therefore, we experience pain in those areas.

The excess energy must flush down towards the end of meditation. But it does not happen because of blockages.

This again creates the heaviness feeling. Excess energy blocked in various parts of body might manifest as a sickness, pain, emotional, financial, or any sort of trouble in the physical plane.

How to avoid these?

Meditation gurus tell us lot of other things to do before and after meditation, but we tend to ignore them because we think it has no relation with meditation. The list below might not include all, but some things that we can do to benefit from any kind of the meditation practice.

Physical exercise

Light body movements before the meditation will prepare the body for energy consumption and some movements after will help consume any excess energy.

Walking will not suffice, because it does not make use of all body parts. Remember, the blockages, that block the flow of energy, show up in any part of the body. Movement of the body facilitates clearing of blockage and thereby making way for fresh energy in the body.

Recall a Happy Event

Any method to activate the heart center at the beginning of meditation is important to avoid any negative thoughts. One of the simplest method is to recall a happy event. We need to visualize ourselves in that happy moment and re-live the moment.


Again this is a very important technique to flush down the negativity and make space for divine clean energy. Grounding is done towards the end of the meditation. One can mentally say, “I am connected and rooted to earth” This facilitates coming back to earth or the physical plane.


Bless the earth, family, city, country and all the people around and in the memories. Release the excess energy by blessing.

Group Meditations

Whenever possible, do group meditations. This will help connect easily, in-case one feels over-energized, one can take help from people around. One can also distribute energy with the group.

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