Dry Penis Skin Could Be Due to Hypothyroidism


When the pants come off, a man wants to present a beautiful specimen as a gift to his partners, so dry penis skin is definitely not something he wants to deal with. But there are numerous factors that can lead to dryness in the nether parts; one of these, which doesn’t come immediately to mind when investigating issues affecting penis health, may be hypothyroidism.


The medical world is filled with words and phrases that are difficult to pronounce and whose meanings may not be readily apparent to the lay public. Such is the case with hypothyroidism. Sometimes called low thyroid or underactive thyroid, the condition means that the thyroid gland is not functioning properly – specifically, it is not being “active” enough.

Thyroid gland

Everyone has heard of the thyroid gland, but not everyone knows what it does. The thyroid gland plays a huge role in regulating the body’s metabolism and protein synthesis; it creates some hormones and also is a key factor in how the body reacts to hormones.

What does all this mean? Well, essentially the thyroid affects things like a person’s appetite, glucose, cholesterol, breathing, heartbeat, growth and development – and even baldness. When the thyroid is working right, things are fine. When it’s underactive, there can be issues in these and other areas – including the bedroom. (Hypothyroidism is also associated with a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction – in case the importance of the thyroid hasn’t been driven home yet.)


As might be guessed, the thyroid also has an impact on skin. The slow metabolism resulting from an underactive thyroid decreases the secretion of oils which are part of the body’s natural skin hydrating system. In some cases of hypothyroidism, sweating also ceases, which contributes to the dry skin situation.


How does a man know if he has hypothyroidism? A visit to a doctor is called for in order to obtain a reliable diagnosis, but there are several symptoms commonly associated with hypothyroidism. These include:

– Dry, coarse skin

– Feeling tired often or constantly

– Poor appetite

– Easy weight gain

– Difficulty concentrating and /or remembering

– Constipation

– Shortness of breath

– A coolness in the extremities (hands, feet)

– Swelling

– Low sex drive


As indicated, a doctor will need to make a diagnosis of hypothyroidism in order to rule out other possible issues. The doctor will also then prescribe the appropriate course of treatment.

Typically, hypothyroidism requires treatment with a synthetic thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism doesn’t get cured; it gets treated. That means the administration of the hormone is continues. However, the amount of hormone needed usually changes over time, and so the dosage may need to be adjusted periodically. Most of the hormone medications can be taken orally and is not difficult to take.

In addition, men may need to treat some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism – such as dry penis skin – separately. It can take time to replenish the skin moisturization, so using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is definitely advised. With dry penis skin, there is a need to create a “moisture lock” so that any wetness added is better capable of staying in the penis skin. A crème that includes the natural hydrator vitamin E can do this, as vitamin E creates a barrier that helps prevent moisture evaporation. The presence of an additional hydrating agent, such as a high end emollient like shea butter is also crucial. An extract from the fat of the shea tree nut, shea butter works in tandem with vitamin E to not only moisturize but keep moisture in place, hastening the healing process for dry penis skin. Using a quality penis health crème will help give a member beautiful, lustrous skin.

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