Arithmophobia – The Fear of Numbers

Arithmophobia – The Fear of Numbers

Had every one of the most obscure of all the many phobias that exist in the world, Arithmophobia is the fear of numbers. There are literally hundreds of different types of phobias and there are people who suffer from just about anything you can imagine. The fear of numbers is one of the more obscurities and is brought about by a rational and illogical fear, as are most phobias.

The fear of numbers is a factor that makes had a lot harder for many people suffering from it to learn mathematics and arithmetic properly. It is a condition where the brain simply cannot get around a number of figures and becomes frustrated and anxious because while they may want to achieve more, they find that there is a hidden obstacle in the way and this is that irrational fear.

Most phobias can be cured by a number of psychological methods. A fairly popular method of curing phobias is hypnotism, although this is not being confirmed to work by those involved in science. Overcoming a phobia is particularly important, since irrational fear something can severely damage your lifestyle.

Some may consider that the fear of numbers is a type of dyslexia. The problem is that arithmetic is all about logic and the fundamental basic laws of the universe. Unfortunately, our brains are not really meant to work in a particularly logical way of thinking so this can leave us open potentially to a number of confusions and complications.

The fear of numbers can be quite diverse. It could also be the fear of a particular number or larger numbers that you can’t get your head around. Getting to control your phobia and starting to realise how illogical it is, is the most important step in finally recovering. If you go about it the right way, it is generally not difficult to do.

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