Where Can You Find Free Hypnosis Scripts?


So you want to become a hypnotherapist? You will need some free hypnosis scripts to get you started in your practice. How you want to set up your practice will determine what kind of hypnosis scripts you want to use. Do you plan on having a strong telephone hypnotherapy practice or do you plan on a great deal of one on one and direct group therapies?

Different scripts are necessary for different results. Scripts help you to help your patients to reinforce the positive aspects of their lives to achieve the results they are looking for. Many holistic health professionals use hypnosis as a supplement to the rest of their practice. There is a great need for hypnotists who have experience with Past Life Regression and other spirit related issues.

Other areas of concentration for hypnotists are sports hypnosis. Sports hypnosis can help participants to increase their awareness a minimum of fifteen percent (15%). Many professional sports teams in soccer, football, basketball and baseball employ the services of hypnotists to improve concentration and performance. Sports hypnosis can help athletes with specific imagination training and guided imagery to help achieve their desired results. There are sports specific hypnosis scripts that target specific movements, plays and muscle movements that the sport requires.

The venue where hypnosis has had the most commercial success is in helping people to quit smoking or to lose weight. Also if you plan on holding group hypnotherapy sessions the scripts need to be different than they are for an individual session. If you are looking for hypnosis scripts for your practice make sure that you get ones that have been written by professional therapists who are members of the American International Association of Hypnosis. The Association is working towards Federal guidelines for hypnotherapy and requires its members to abide by the applicable laws set forth in the state that they practice in.

There are hundreds of free public domain scripts available at many sites around the internet that you can use in your practice. At some sites there are scripts offered for you to use in your practice but that can not be reproduced or placed on other web sites. Here is a short list of some of the free hypnosis scripts that you can get in the public domain. There are scripts for concentration, confidence, drug addiction, ego strengthening, healing, releasing guilt, public speaking, self confidence, weight loss and induction.

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