What is the Fear of Infinity and How Can it Be Treated?


Fear of infinity, also known as apeirophobia, is an irrational fear of never ending life and infinity. This fear can provoke a lot of irrational actions from the person who suffers from it and can also make them not want to sleep in fear that they are never going to wake up and therefore be trapped in sub consciousness forever.

The symptoms for this type of phobia are very similar to those of other phobias and can include a number of things such as sweating, complete panic, irrational terror, shaking, rapid heart palpitations, hypoventilation and anxiety. But these are only a few of the most common symptoms, depending on the intensity of the phobia, the symptoms can always vary.

Many tests are taken by professionals to be able to diagnose this phobia in order not to misdiagnose and therefore not treat the phobia accordingly. These tests can be very complicated for the patient to do as they include hypnosis in some cases. Also a complete neurological test must be taken to make sure the patient is not suffering from any mental illnesses.

Treatment for this type of phobia can be a lot more complicated than any other phobia because the patient cannot actually confront his fear. Because of this the treatment can take months or even years depending on the intensity of the patients fear. Calming and sleeping medications can help the patient to sleep more peacefully and therefore reducing the fear of not waking up.

Other treatments include stronger medications that can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist, group counseling and single counseling, neurological medications and sometimes operations. If the intensity level of this phobia is very high then the patient might have to spend a certain amount of time in a psychiatric hospital to be able to learn how to cope with their phobia.

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