Traditional Chinese Medicine – Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine


A traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient system of medication from China. It is around 2000-3000 years old system of medication. This was largely practiced in china but now has spread to all over the world, and considered as alternative medication system. In short it is termed as TCM. It works by understanding the human body as a universe and diseases are treated after complete diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes. This medication does not work on the disease but on the root cause of disease so that chances of occurrence of a particular illness are reduced.

The basic principle of Traditional Chinese medicine believes that body is made of five elements i.e. metal, water, wood, fire and earth. An imbalance in these five elements is the cause of any illness in the body. Balance is them is maintained with the flow of energy in the body. This energy flows through pathways lying along the body called as meridians. The energy flow is termed as chi. Sometime blockages in these pathways disrupt the smooth flow of energy which leads to disorders in the body. The coordination in the energy, body organs, and elements results in healthy mind and body of an individual.

Traditional Chinese medicine adopts various methods for maintaining homeostasis in the body. Every method works on the similar principle of energy pathways but the procedure is different. They are:

– Acupuncture: this method involves insertion of pointed needles on the specific points in the body called acupuncture points. These points are located on meridians. Insertion in these points releases tension in muscles and stimulkates free flow of blood. With the activation of points contraction and relaxation of muscles is regained and this removes any blockage in meridians.

– Cupping therapy: in this with the help of plastic cups, suction or vacuum is created at the points of pain. This suction generates heat at that point which increases circulation of that area. It also releases accumulated toxins in that part. Mainly performed on the back, it is very effective in healing the body giving relaxation.

– Moxibustion: it also works on the heat concept as in cupping therapy but here moxa wool is used. Moxa wool is obtained from a herbal plant Mugwort. The stick of moxa wool is kept at a distance from the treated part. Heat reaches through fumes of the burning end of moxa stick.

– Chinese herbal medicine: herbs are considered as the best medicines in Chinese medication. They believe that each herb has five temperatures among hot, cool, cool, warm and neutral. An herbalist determines your body temperature and then gives you suitable herb. These herbs are either applied on body in the form of oils or can be included in diets.

– Traditional method: Sometime Traditional Chinese Medicine works to remove the negative energy around you and attracting positive one with the use of aesthetic products of feng shui. Feng shui are the Chinese product that controls the energy of the universe. They are very helpful in keeping you calm, happy and relaxed.

-Tai nu massage: this massage involves activation of acupressure points by rubbing, stretching, pressing. This is done without applying any oil or greases on the body so no need to unclothe any part.

These are techniques involved in Traditional Chinese medicine. All these methods are safe, relaxing and without any side effects. Due to the fruitful results, these methods are gaining publicity all over the world.

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