Top 10 reasons to go for Organic Food

What is Organic Food?

Organic Food is naturally grown, maintained, processed food without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides. Nowadays, Organic food is the smart priority. Organic food has more nutrients, Vitamins, the best taste, is more sustainable, and no more harmful chemicals.

This type of Food has more benefits for our health. In the United States, you can find many different options for organic food like 100% Organic food (No chemicals and pesticides), 9% Organic, and 70% Organic.

Why Organic Food is better for your health?

Almost all organic foods have higher nutritional value as compared to other regular food. If you grow food without pesticides and harmful chemicals. It will produce more phytochemicals (Oxidants and Vitamins) that resist bugs and weeds.

People who are suffering from food allergies and skin problems may get severe side effects related to them. But when you start eating organic food you will not find any such problems. Here are some best reasons you should opt for organic food:

Stop eating Chemicals: 

First of all, this agriculture industry uses herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides. Which are widely used and conventional farming. In the USA, more than 600 companies are approved in actual agricultural industries. An average American consumes 16 pounds of agricultural chemicals.

But many of the chemicals are approved by the EPA around the country. Neurotoxins can damage your brain and nervous system. Some of the harmful chemicals and pesticides are extremely harmful to your body and skin.

Organic foods are richer in nutrients: 

Some of the organic foods such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and potatoes, etc. It contains all the nutrients and vitamins you need in your body. All organic food is grown commercially nowadays. These organic foods are 21% iron-rich, 27% more vitamins than regular food. Exactly how your decisions at the supermarket direct your wellbeing, they likewise direct the strength of the earth. Nonorganic food varieties are showered with amazingly harmful synthetic compounds that kill everything other than the actual harvest.

Protects the environment: 

By adding organic food to your diet and not adding harmful chemicals and pesticides. It also saves the environment and also helps and supports the farmers. It harms the soil, air, and water pollution. Also, it doesn’t pollute the environment. Large plants make large amounts of harmful chemicals by adding pesticides. There will consistently be something that eats the plant, and it will proceed to develop and adjust until we presently don’t have command over it.

Protect future generations: 

The reason is we are eating more artificial chemicals and ingredients. Children must start their diet toward organic food containing nutrients and Vitamins. Especially kids are more vulnerable to these chemicals. Putting our money in organic food makes our future more reliable for our health. The adults who consume this food may have some intimate problems which can be temporarily reduced by Super P Force and Cenforce. Natural cultivating rehearses solid developing procedures that intend to keep up with that important degree of biodiversity.

Organic food does contain neurotoxins: 

Neurotoxins are harmful to Human beings, as it has a recipe to damage nerve and brain cells. Most of the vegetable and fruit suppliers already known as Organophosphate attack the cells of the body. Neurotoxins contain nerve-damaging agents of the enemy during the 1st world war. Developing food naturally doesn’t hurt the encompassing local area where it’s developed. In contrast to non-natural practices, organics keep poisons out of the air, out of the drinking water, and out of the dirt.

Protects domestic farmers: 

Domestic farmers nowadays also face a tough time because of financial issues. Because they are not able to supply these products to large-scale suppliers but some farmers also prefer quantity over quality. The government is providing chemical-free and high-quality products to the farmers. A considerable lot of the phytonutrients in leafy foods that are advantageous for human wellbeing are normally created by plants to deter bugs from eating the plant.

Enjoy better taste: 

Organic food does not contain life deficiency chemicals and you can even grow it in your garden. It tastes better than other regular grown vegetables because it is nourished well and well balanced. Soil is also healthy without toxic substances. And you can even grow a variety of other plants at your home.

Avoid using antibiotics and drugs in animal products: 

According to the research the major amount of pesticides can be found in poultry, dairy products, meat, and vegetables. More than 90% of American meat has pesticides that have a high amount of harmful preservatives. The EPA reports state that pesticides can be found in poultry and dairy products because of long food chains that mean large fish eat small fish and small fish eat even small fish and insects that consume harmful chemicals indirectly.

Low risk of cancer: 

The regular grown plants have 90% of herbicides, 60% fungicides, and 30% of insecticides which can increase the high risk of cancer according to the EPA report. You can avoid this harmful chemical by buying more organic food. Natural farming is known to recover biological systems and the dirt, while customary horticulture strips the climate, annihilates our regular assets, and requires consistent substance inputs. There are likewise various secret expenses of regular farming that trouble society and decline personal satisfaction.

Reduce pollution: 

By adding more and more pesticides, it gradually starts to pollute the farmland and environment. Certified organic products do not have these harmful and toxic chemicals which pollute the atmosphere as well. They even take the responsibility of maintaining the farmland properly. Most of the conventional food is hybrid but you are supporting the farmers directly by buying organic food. Organic food may get sometimes expensive but you are at least eating some healthy food.

The future of Organic farming

Nowadays people are diversifying their diet routine by adding organic food to their diet, but we still have to work more to reduce pesticides and toxic chemicals. The government is also taking some initiatives for our future but it is still slow. Because of the high price of organic food people hesitate to buy these products. Also, you can buy all men erection issues pills like Fildena 100 mg and Vilitra 40 mg. If we don’t start now, people may get health problems like cancer, polluting the environment, farmland, ecology, and wildlife. Some stray animals eat plastic substances with leftover food. By spending over 1$ on organic food we can have a sustainable future for generations.