Thyromine Review – Thyromine Advantages and Disadvantages


Before starting this article I must state that this Thyromine review is written as a personal opinion (not a medical one, as I am not a doctor) after doing some Internet research on this topic.

General facts

Thyromine is a hypothyroidism natural treatment that is meant to also help women lose weight and control their cholesterol. Ultra Herbal, the manufacturer of this product, sells it online, for a price of 39 dollars. Even though there is no Thyromine Review posted on the on the official site, there are many online testimonials on other websites which show that this herbal hypothyroidism remedy actually is effective.

Besides treating hypothyroidism, Thyromine is advertised to be able to improve the metabolism, increase adrenal levels, strengthen bones and lead to a better sexual life. Thyromine can help people lose weight by regulating the thyroid gland’s functionality.


The list of ingredients is pretty difficult to find on the official website, therefore I decided to include it in my own Thyromine Review, as it might be useful to hypothyroidism patients. So here it is:

– Bovine thyroid and adrenal powders;
– Ginger;
– Piper Longum;
– Gugulipid;
– L-tyrosine.

All these ingredients have a role in restoring the thyroid’s health.

Thyromine Advantages

– It can be bought online, without any effort.
– It is easy to administrate, as it comes in the form of a pill.
– It is 100% natural.
– It comes with a three months money-back guarantee.
– There are many testimonials online that say Thyromine was very effective in treating hypothyroidism.

Thyromine Disadvantages

– There is no Thyromine review from consumers on the official site.
– I could not find any free samples for trial.
– There is no medical evidence written on the official site to prove that Thyromine really works.
– Thyromine’s ingredients, or at least some of them, may not be appropriate for any individual (for example — pregnant women).

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