Thyroid Problem – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments


Thyroid glands are meticulousness instruments which are very much important in metabolism and growth. This means that the glands are not only necessary for the functioning of the human body but even it needs to be working accurately in order to have a good health. Hypothyroidism is one of the most widespread forms of thyroid problems. The most common forms of this problem is Hashimoto’s disease or thyroiditis, which is an immune disease that affects thyroid. Hypothyroidism can even be caused when the thyroid glands get sluggish or inflamed. Thyroid problems can even be caused due to lack of iodine which is the affect of dysfunction, medication or surgery of pituitary gland.   


Overweight or obesity is one of the first signs which particularly arise when extra pounds pile up quickly.The skin usually becomes rough and dry, continuous tiredness and dry hair are some of the other symptoms of thyroid problem. An individual can even have constipation, cramps and memory loss, all these symptoms can also been seen. This means one must consult a physician for the diagnosis of thyroid problem. One of the best methods to diagnose this health problem is to have the blood test of thyroid hormones like T4 and TSH. The problems can emerge in an individual who has the similar levels as other person who appears perfectly fine. The range of these thyroid hormone levels considered common is quite large. However, a blood test always remains the one of the best methods to diagnose thyroid health problem like hypothyroidism.


One of the best treatments is Levothyroxine which is a synthetic thyroid hormone. This specific treatment can frequently be very dangerous and requires continuous monitoring as to how the levels of Levothyroxine affect the condition. An optional method of treating this health problem is by utilizing natural hormone like the extract from cows. However, there is always a doubt about the virus infections. In both the conditions it is believed that alteration of thyroid hormone levels treat the causes of thyroid problem moderately than just provisionally relieving the symptoms.   

Natural treatment

Supplements and vitamins are even important when treating thyroid problems and also for supporting normal thyroids. Vitamins like C and A usually help a lot and even the consumption of copper. By the way, it is best to avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea and alcohol and even smoking. Foods with preservatives and additives must also be avoided where as fresh fruits and vegetables must be increased in your daily diet in order to enhance the balance to your body.   

There are so many natural remedies which can be utilized to treat several thyroid problems. One of the most effective remedies includes Kelp which has been utilized in Chinese medicines for many centuries. Lyceum berry and Go-ji is also said to be some of the other effective remedies for the problem. As the causes of thyroid problems are many, one of the best methods of maintaining thyroid diseases is taking holistic approach to nutrition and health.

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