Thyroid Gland Also Helps in Growing Taller


We know that human growth hormone being secreted by our pituitary gland is the hormone responsible for growing taller, but there is another one important hormone that we need to consider if we want to increase our height. And that is the hormone being produced by our thyroid gland.

Thyroid gland is the largest gland in our body. It is located at the neck inferior below thyroid cartilage (also known as adam’s apple for men). Thyroid also helps to grow taller because the thyroxine hormone that this gland produce helps to regulate the body’s metabolic rate and also control the rate of oxidation in our body. So, we need this gland to function properly for maximum height increase. If you just notice, this is why people or children with thyroid hormone deficiency don’t get taller and always have impaired brain.

Unlike pituitary gland that can be effected by many things to produce human growth hormone, the thyroid needs only one chemical element in order to function properly and that is the iodine. The thyroid combines the tyrosine (essential amino acid) to iodine to make thyroxine. This is the hormone that we need in order to become taller. We need about 70 to 150 microgram dietary intake of iodine. Inadequate intake of iodine can lead to an enlarged thyroid gland or also known as goiter. However too much iodine can also lead to goiter and can stunt growth and development throughout the body.

Food sources that are rich in iodine are any type of seafood particularly the seaweeds. Other sources are Asparagus, Garlic, Kelp, Lima beans, Mushrooms, Spinach. The best and most common source of iodine is the iodized salts.

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