The Tattoo Removing Procedure – Pain Management Tips


Most individuals have never had the thought of removing a tattoo they have, but there are occasions where folks thought “Wow why did I get this thing”? Of course the pain is very intense when the tattoo is applied but the removal process can be equally painful with tattoo removing as well. Planning ahead to deal with the removal process can help control the pain.

If having a tattoo removed with laser is not something you want to you can also have a new one placed over the top of the old. But, this is not always an option due to things like the size of the artwork or it could be you just do not want another in place of it. Sometimes this is either not possible due to the size or shape or the art, or you just don’t want anything there in place of it.

You should be aware that a laser is used to perform this procedure and many individuals may need up to 10 or more treatments before getting the desired results. Due to this planning in advance is critical, especially if you want to remove it by a certain time frame.

Like any kind of surgical procedure, anesthesia can be administered at your request. Typically it will be a simple local anesthesia although a cream can also be applied. If using creams it should be applied a couple hours ahead of the operation.

Also know if you opt for local anesthesia, you may require more treatment because many times it causes the ink to spread across your skin. This will possibly make the removal of in more difficult for the laser. Your physician can explain more in detail what kind of anesthesia would be best to use if you want to use one.

After treatment expect your skin to be a little discolored, anywhere from white right after the procedure to red after it starts healing. The treated area will start scabbing to assist in the healing process, which after a few weeks goes away. The remaining ink will start fading in the coming months at which point you will know if additional treatments will be needed.

Tattoo removing with laser is not a painless procedure. Considering what kind of pain you could encounter is natural as well. Having said that, the pain involved should be as manageable as when you placed the tattoo on your body originally. If you are trying to decide on whether you want anesthesia or not planning it well ahead of the procedure is a good idea, and you can talk about it with your physician as well. Whether it is a major surgery or something as basic as removing a tattoo preparing ahead of time is always a smart move.

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