The T- Bow Exercise System – Rock Those Excess Pounds Away


There are lots of pieces of exercise equipment out there for home use, but how many will fit into a small apartment? Most are huge, unwieldy and – it has to be said – downright ugly! How many times have you been embarrassed when a relative has stayed over and had to share the spare room with a monstrosity of an exercise machine? And even then, having the beast squatting in the spare room like a huge toad (the exercise machine, not the relative!) doesn’t mean you’ll use it. I had a superb exercise bike and ended up draping the laundry over it instead of pedalling it.

Well now there’s the T-Bow. An amazingly versatile piece of exercise kit that can be used in the smallest of spaces, and cleared away into a closet in a trice when your workout is over.

Exercising is essential for our health and well-being, but how many of us, with our busy lives, can make time to visit the gym? Not me, for starters, and I teach this stuff! I always end up paying exorbitant monthly fees and never getting there – which adds guilt at wasting money to the problem. Last time I made it, I had only 22 minutes (exactly) to do a workout in!

So I’m always excited to come across home exercise equipment that doesn’t take up much space or cost the earth, and that gives a full-body workout.

The T-Bow fits the bill perfectly.

It’s made of a high-quality polymer, and shaped in a curve, with a mat surface on top, and gaps at the sides to fit exercise bands through. Totally simple, and totally brilliant; using the T-Bow you can do cardio exercise for fat-burning, attach resistance bands for muscle-sculpting, and also do core exercises for toned, beautiful abs. Not only that, the T-Bow is perfect for Pilates, creating long, lean muscles and re-aligning your posture for that perfect silhouette!

I’ve been recommending the T-Bow to all my Personal Training clients, and they’ve been amazed at how much fun it is. Yes, Fun! Workouts with the T-Bow can be as varied as you want to make them – no more long, boring sessions on a treadmill.

Here’s how it works:

  • Curve side up, the T-Bow is stable and can be used as a Step. 20 minutes of brisk Stepping burns 200+ calories and tones leg and butt muscles. Add light handweights and tone upper body as well.
  • Turn the T-Bow curve side down and stand on the edges. Now rock from side to side – feel that in those thigh muscles! And because you need to balance, your core muscles all switch on, working those abs and burning even more calories. It feels like a cross between skating and surfing and reminds me of being a kid again!
  • Turn curve side up again and slide in the easy-to-use elastic bands for the same toning benefits as a weights session
  • Get down on the floor! Lean or lie on the T-Bow’s curve side for a great Pilates workout to sculpt those hard-to-reach muscles of the abs and back for great posture and wonderful toned leanness!

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