The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself!


People are only born with two instinctive fears. That of loud noises and that of falling from high places. All our other fears are learned. Something very personally dramatic happens to us in our early years which becomes a psychological trigger for panic attacks, hyper ventilation, dizziness, fainting, nausea, sweating, trembling and even paralysis. Phobia is the psychological word for these learned fears.

The good news on phobias is that whatever was learned can be unlearned. Yes you can put an end to your fears with ‘under the radar’ panic attacks treatment subliminal CDs or mp3s. Imagine living your life free from all those dreadful phobia symptoms! A friend of mine became almost housebound when, for no conscious reason, a walk outside turned into a nightmare at the sight of a frog. It is called ‘batrachaphobia’ and is an irrational fear fo amphibians such as frogs, toads and newts.

Now she never went out of her way to acquire this reaction and nobody can tell her how she came by it. We use the word learned in the context of phobias to mean a conditioned response associated with a trigger of unknown origin. Her mind was in control of her, and this was not good. She had no control over her bodies reactions at the sight of these creatures, or even at the thought of them.

She however regained control: A subliminal CD or mp3 album targeted her subconscious mind – the source of her phobic symptoms. By targeting her mind directly in this way she changed the negative mental associations that caused her panic attacks. This reinforced and extended the benefits of a number of ‘Eye movement desensitisation routines’ (EMDR) and replaced her fears with positive thoughts and patterns to ensure a permanent end to her phobias.

Any learned fear can be unlearned with positive action by the sufferer and a correctly targeted subliminal CD or mp3 message.

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