If you search the web for thyromine you will only find sites that put it in a good light. I haven’t found any thyromine review that states the side effects of this drug. No bad ratings, no bad experiences, only good and favorable ones. Weird, right? A new drug with no side effects, please. On the thyromine website it states that there are no known side effects. That is mostly because the so-called ingredients in thyromine have nothing to do with thyroidal levels. Few of them may have some effect, but there is no scientific study to back that.

First of all tyrosine or l-tyrosine … its supplementation is known to boost thyroid levels. That is due to the fact that tyrosine is a precursor to thyroid hormone known as thyroxide.

Guglipid – several scientific tests state that this ingredient highly stimulates the thyroid activity. The tests show that gugglerstones increase the synthesis of the T3 by converting the T4.

Nori seaweed is used with most thyroid drugs because it has a high level of Iodine. The thyroid gland uses Iodine in making many thyroid hormones optimal for performance. A weak thyroid performance results in one being overweight and gives one very low energy levels, weakness etc.

But there is a side effect to this; it only helps if you only have weak thyroid hormones. If that isn’t the case Nori may very well cause the appearance of hyperthyroidism.

The thyroid powder from bovines amongst other has the thyroid hormone known as thyroglobulin that can increase thyroid levels. These ingredients are the only ingredients that may help the thyroidal process. Others like the piper longum have no scientific proof to do such a thing.

So you see, despite the boasting of this thyromine there is no real scientific proof that it can really help you. But I have to admit, a natural product that helps combat the hyperthyroidism is much better than a synthetic one. Synthetic hyperthyroidism drugs have a long list of side effects and although they can help you, they really cause much more problems due to their bad side effects.

So what you have to do if you suspect you’re suffering from hyperthyroidism is go to a medical facility and perform a series of tests. They can tell you what you’re lacking in your system and what drug you really need.

Don’t be fooled by the thyromine reviews around and jump to buying the drug without making sure ahead that it won’t cause more damage than good. All in all, Thyromine may well be worth checking out as it can be very beneficial based on our experience.

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