The Amazing Benefits Of A Full Body Massage


There is nothing in the world like the feeling you get after a full body massage. That sense of peace and tranquility pervades every muscle and seems to be just the thing to help you get a good rest. But a full body massage can do more than just feel good. There are a whole host of benefits that massage can give you when delivered by a licensed professional massage therapist.

The number of benefits associated with massage therapy is enormous.

Humans need touch. It’s as simple as that. Without touch, we get depressed, ill, and stressed. A newborn who is not touched will not thrive. A well done massage takes our need for touch to a new therapeutic level. It can not only relieve tension and stress, it can help rehabilitate a muscle injury. It can also help prevent injury. Massage helps keep muscles loose and well-nourished, so they respond better when stressed. Massage improves circulation, which can aid healing and cell growth. The lymphatic system benefits as well through massage… like your circulation, it flows through channels throughout your body. Manipulating the muscles and these channels help clear up blockages and keep the lymph fluid flowing. Regular massages can contribute to a healthier immune system. Regular massages can also help you overcome sleep problems; enabling you to get more rest and be more alert while you are awake.

If you’ve never had one, you are in for a treat. Here’s what you can expect.

A professional massage may cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 or more for an hour-long treatment. Once you’ve experienced one by a licensed masseuse, you’ll know it is worth every penny. When you arrive at the massage therapist’s office, you will be shown to a private space. Once there, you will need to undress and lie on the massage table. Sheets are wrapped around you, both for modesty and to keep you warm. Only the portion of your body that is being massaged will be uncovered at any one time. When you are ready, the massage therapist will come in. They may use oils for the massage that enable their fingers to slide more smoothly over your muscles. These oils are easily absorbed by your skin, and may be mixed with aromatherapy oils for additional benefits.

The therapist may start at your feet, loosening the muscles one by one with a series of strokes, pressures and other manipulative movements. They work their way up the legs, into your hips, releasing tension and restoring full circulation as they go. Most methods of massage will focus on moving the blood back towards the heart. Depending on what method of massage you choose, you may experience more methods of applying pressure, or more stroking… each method is different.

The therapist will work their way through your back, shoulders, arms, hands and neck, finishing at your head.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? But remember to always use a licensed therapist for a full body massage. A licensed massage therapist has undergone rigorous training in the systems of the body and how they work together. They have studied how to apply pressure and stroking techniques to various parts of the body to increase circulation and loosen muscles without causing harm to the client. And they have passed a stringent written and practical exam by their state to qualify to provide massage therapy to the public.

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