Tapping for Pain: EFT Script for Pain Relief


It may seem strange to be tapping for pain. I thought it was beyond strange when I first heard of it.

But EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly called Tapping, turns out to work very well for pain relief.

It’s an odd-looking method that has you naming the problem you’re experiencing while tapping certain points on your face and torso.

Weird – right?

But here’s the deal. It usually makes you feel much better!

And, it works for skeptics, disbelievers, babies, pets, and pretty much everyone else.

Why is that?

While I’m not a doctor, and I don’t claim to have any sort of medical or psychological credentials, I’d like to share my opinion on why and how tapping works.

I believe it works because it reduces stress. And stress makes everything worse, including physical pain.

The stress-relief points you tap on are on the same energy meridians used by acupuncturists in their healing craft.

That’s about the extent of my understanding of acupuncture. My specialty is tapping.

And tapping is something I’ve done with hundreds of clients and students over the last seven years – with great success with back pain, migraines, grief, anger, anxiety, resentment, traumatic memories, and more.

Here, I share with you an EFT script for pain relief you can use to help relieve your physical pain.

Tapping for Pain Script

Tap continually on the Karate Chop Point.

Even though I’m in pain, I accept myself.

Repeat three times.

Tapping Through the Points

Start at the Eyebrow point and tap the points down over the face, and down to the Under Arm point, then to the Top of Head. Start again at the Eyebrow point.
Tap one statement at each tapping point.

Here I am, in pain.
It hurts!
All this pain
All this discomfort
I don’t like it.
I don’t like being in pain.
It disrupts my life.
It stops me from feeling joy.
It blocks me from doing what I want to do.

What if this pain is trying to communicate something to me?
I’d like to be open to that information
Maybe there’s something I need to know
Maybe there’s something I need to take care of
Maybe there’s something I want to avoid
Some other pain I don’t want to feel
Or it’s distracting me from that bigger pain

What if I could take care of what needs taking care of
Feel all the emotions hidden by this physical pain
What if I could relax now?

Some of this pain might be from stress and tension
What if I could release the stress
I give my body and mind permission to release that stress and tension now
Releasing the tension
allowing myself to relax

I release any mental reasons for this pain
I release any emotional reasons for this pain
I release any physical reasons for this pain
As far back as they go
I release the need for pain
I now release any need for pain
I am willing to feel good
I want to feel good

Maybe there have been people in my life who hurt me
Who might have wanted me to be in pain for some reason
I let go of any need for pain

What if I could feel worthy of comfort?
I’m letting any doubts about that go now
I’m willing to take the best care of myself possible

I choose to feel as good as i possibly can
I allow my body to relax
And release tension and stress
I’m relaxing into peace
I’m relaxing into love
I choose to feel peace all through my body
I choose to feel good

Take a gentle deep breath.

My wish is that this tapping for pain EFT script is helpful to you on many levels. Repeat it as often as you wish.

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