Anyone who is thinking about smoking should not think twice. There will be side effects, differing in intensity, depending upon how deeply a particular smoker is addicted, the smoker’s physical condition, and hereditary predispositions.

The Cons: Difficult Side Effects of Giving Up Smoking

Irritability: Many smokers took up the habit to combat stress and found a form of comfort in smoking. This mental addiction can be every bit as powerful as the physical, or even more powerful. Quitting smoking will remove this sense of false comfort abruptly, usually leading to irritability. A positive mindset is very powerful in overcoming the habit. The false feeling of euphoria that smoking grants will bring a feeling of lethargy after a period of time without a cigarette. It is at times like these when the support of friends and family is most necessary.

Weight Gain: Nicotine raises the sugar levels in the body, which in turn suppresses appetite, so smokers tend to eat less. Without nicotine, after quitting, the body is not used to releasing glucose into the blood on its own. Those trying to quit smoking often feel hungrier and eat more as a result, leading to overeating and weight gain.

The Pros: Beneficial Side Effects of Giving Up Smoking

Improved Health: Even just a few hours after giving up smoking, the body will already be on the way to repair. The respiratory and circulatory systems will start to repair themselves, making breathing easier. This effect will be noticeable relatively quickly, most likely in a matter of days.

Improved Senses: Tastes and smells will become more intense, and it will not be necessary to eat stronger foods anymore. Natural foods will simply taste better.

Improved Bank Account: Smoking is an expensive habit and quitting will save an ex-smoker a lot of money. There are much better things to spend money on, anyway.

Improved Relationships: Those who do not smoke do not find the smell of cigarette smoke terribly appealing. Most will shy away from it, as a matter of fact. Once the smell of smoke is no longer present on the skin and clothes, relationships are sure to improve – not only friend and family, but romantic relationships as well.

Those who are afraid to quit because of the negative side effects should take a good look at the positive effects. Build a good support network of friends and keep very busy for those first critical days, and the possibility of quitting for good becomes very high. The most difficult part doesn’t last for long.

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