Similarities and Differences Between Popular Low Carb Diets


In this article we are going to take a look at the different parts of the Sonoma diet. There are three parts to the Sonoma diet. The diet refers to these as waves and is almost like the different levels in the Atkins and South Beach diets.

The first phase of the Sonoma Diet is the Induction phase. The purpose of this first phase is to eliminate some of the processed foods, various other foods and sugars.

The first phase of the Sonoma diet lasts 10 days and it is almost like the South beach system that uses its initial phase toe eliminates sugar and processed food as well.

The beginning phase of the Atkins program has a process similar to the induction phase which basically does the same thing as the starting phases of the previously mentioned programs.

In the Sonoma diet the second wave is used to bring some foods back into the diet. This is also the case in the second part of the South Beach diet which brings back carbs into the diet as well.

Ironically the Atkins diet has a stage where carbs are reintroduced back into the diet plan.

The third stage of the Sonoma diet is used when the target weight is reached and the dieter chooses to maintain that weight. A lifestyle in accordance with the Sonoma diet must be maintained and this stage of the diet offers more choices when it comes to food.

It’s also quite fascinating that the Atkins diet contains the final phase that is used when a target weight is reached.

The South Beach diet has the final phase that entails making a permanent lifestyle when a dieter’s goal weight is reached.

The foods are quite different on the Sonoma diet however it appears to have a lot of the same general principles as the Atkins and South Beach diets.

Upon understanding what these diets are all about, the Sonoma, Atkins, and South Beach programs put you in a position to count carbs. Additionally they lead to a routine that is just way too much to for the average person to follow and ultimately requires a lifestyle change. You must be aware that the first phases of these diets may make you tired if you are not careful.

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