Should I Sell Personal Training in Package Form?


One of the biggest questions I am asked by my clients who operate their own PT business in many locations around Australia is should I sell personal training in package form?

Well after helping dozens of PTs build their business and selling 10s of 1000s of pt sessions personally over the last decade, it seems it is far more lucrative and an effective retention strategy to indeed sell in package form. Let me explain the 3 essential reasons why.

1st perceived increased value:

In package form there are a plethora of extras you can add to the package at no extra cost to you making the package seem even more extensive and even more valuable than selling individual sessions.

Here is an example of a package I like to use:

2 x 30 minute one on one Results Training sessions each week focusing on all aspects including cardio, resistance training, boxing, kick pads, medicine balls and more.

1 x FREE 30 minute one on one Results Training sessions

Unlimited FREE access to the Group Training Sessions (up to 2 each week)

Unlimited FREE Guest Passes for first time friends to Group Training

Personal Training diary to promote laser beam focus

Personal Program updated monthly

Nutritional guidance

Goal setting and re-assessment every 4 weeks

2 x FREE Personal Training sessions for a friend or family member

Regular educational information via email and Facebook

Social events every 8 weeks

100% money back guarantee

Notice the PT sessions are 30 minutes as it is more time efficient and enables you to increase your earning potential.

2nd You can charge more for each session:

If someone asks you “how much do you charge per session?” Then you say “$50 per 30 minutes” you may lose that prospect there and then. However alternatively you may suggest “I have different packages available depending on a person’s needs so what we will do is schedule you in for a free 1 hour induction so I can establish a deeper understanding of the goals you want to achieve and then I can more clearly educate you on the best package available”. Then continue to book them in, and up-sell PT in the induction.

Now for a 10 pack if it is $500 simply for 10 sessions the value isn’t the same as if you included everything in the above package you can even charge $600 or $700 because it is a package with much more included and not just the sessions.

3rd You will have a greater retention rate:

This is the number one question… How many sessions in a pack should I sell? This is not important however I have found 5/10/20 works well taking payments through direct debit weekly or fortnightly preferably to modulate income. What is IMPORTANT is that if you sell a 20 pack that is not the end you don’t want to have to sell another pack, the 20 pack is a minimum amount of sessions and once completed payments and sessions will continue the same until the client wishes to stop. This is key and very effective (this is what all the large chains of health clubs do with memberships). After this many sessions and great results they should almost be a client for life.

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