Self Hypnosis: Easy Tips To Practice At Home

Self Hypnosis: Easy Tips To Practice At Home

Self hypnosis is a highly effective technique for self-improvement. It helps in improving confidence essential for personality development. Many hard to achieve tasks such as overcoming panic attacks, depression, control of eating habits for weight loss, managing emotions and to quit smoking can easily be accomplished by learning self hypnosis which ameliorates the natural mental process. Here are some easy tips to learn self hypnosis at home.

Select a peaceful and comfortable environment
It can be either a room within the house or a lawn, just select a place that is free of disturbances. The place should remain serene at least for a period of thirty minutes. Make sure to have good ventilation.

Stay cool and calm
Dress yourself in breathable and loose clothing. Do simple body movements such as stretching your arms, bending forward and backward. Take deep breaths while practicing the movements. This helps to stabilize the mind by keeping aside all the stress, anxiety and fears. If you love music, consider playing ambient music at very low volume. However, the music should not be distracting.

Sit in a comfortable position
Once you feel that you are ready for self hypnosis, rest yourself in a comfortable position. You can either lie down with hands and legs wide spread or sit in a convenient chair or on the ground. Close your eyes to avoid distraction. Release all your muscles and take deep breaths very slowly. You can even imagine a beautiful landscape to avoid diversion of thoughts. This will give time to relax the mind completely. If you are stretching out on the ground be sure not to get into sleep.

Interact with subconscious mind
Success of self hypnosis lies at this stage. A person with fully relaxed mind can take advantage of the subconscious mind and program it in a desired manner. In this deep relaxed trance state say the statements you wish to convey your subconscious mind. Frame small statements such as I should overcome fears, I should improve my confidence levels and repeat them slowly as you inhale and exhale. Do not say them loudly it could wake you up from the trance state. Choose the language and wording of your convenience. Just keep them simple. The slow repetition of the words will also avoid getting into sleep.

Slowly retract from the trance state
Once you feel satisfied, stop repeating the statements and just concentrate on the breathing. Slowly ascend the mind to the normal state and then open your eyes.

Analyze the success of the session
Sometimes you may fall asleep in the middle of self hypnosis training. In such cases, consider changing the resting position. If you are unable to concentrate try to find out the cause for distraction. It could be the surrounding noise, your need to attend the natures call etc. Next time take appropriate steps to avoid the disturbances.

Make it a habit
To see observable change in the behavior or the lifestyle, practice self hypnosis regularly. At least thrice a week is recommended.

Regular self hypnosis training definitely helps in obtaining control on thoughts and body movements. You will feel rejuvenated with new energy and power.

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