Rob Nevins Skinny Switch Secret Review


Welcome! Here you will find a “expose” of the popular diet known as the Skinny Switch Secret, if it’s a scam, if it works, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

The Skinny Switch Secret has become a very popular diet since it started airing on infomercials. It’s creator Rob Nevins has become a man of controversy because he claims the Skinny Switch Secret is a diet which allows users to eat almost anything they like and still lose a lot of weight fast.

To put it shortly, Rob Nevins claims: You will lose weight fast, eating what you love and not dieting. Now for most people, that sounds like a scam or another word which I am not allowed to say in this article, but is it really?

The answer is no and the truth is this diet really does work but it is not a new dieting breakthrough. What Rob Nevins claims to have created is simply another version of another popular dieting technique known as calorie shifting.

The idea behind Rob Nevins’s Skinny Switch Secret & calorie shifting for that matter is the fact that you can lose weight fast without dieting, by tricking your body into increasing metabolism & fat burning. The way this is done is you eat more meals each day, but each meal has different calorie values. Also you have to eat them in a special manner and certain order.

Now this is what causes the weight loss results to occur. By doing this, your body will trigger an automatic reflex that will increase metabolism & fat burning. This is what causes the rapid weight loss to occur regardless of what you’re eating.

Remember, it’s not about what you’re eating which most diets focus on, it’s HOW you’re eating and the Skinny Switch Secret diet focuses on that. This is why it works.

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