Review of the Get-A-Way RMS-15 Massage Chair by Human Touch


This massage chair has effectively combined the function of a superior massage tool and the look of an attractive piece of furniture. It will cater to the most discriminating pain sufferer and interior decorator!. Only the finest of leather is used, covering a versatile and aggressive mechanical massage therapist.

This chair uses the reputable Human Touch technology, simulating a human massage therapist working the most tense area of your back. The massage track is curved with exaggeration, to follow the natural course of a healthy spine, therefore promoting proper posture – which, in turn, helps maintain normal disc space and joint health. From top to bottom, the massage track measures 27.5 inches, working from the base of your neck to your pelvis. Quad (4) rollers effectively relieve the most common areas of tension and pain, the width adjustment of the rollers allowing you to determine where the most intense ‘knots’ are located.

You can also inflate or deflate the air pressure in the back to customize the intensity according to your own sensitivity and preferences. The technology of the air pressure massage is one of the quietest in the industry.

With the ability to customize your own session with 5 different methods of massage, including kneading, compression, percussion, vibration, and combination variance (as well as being able to choose 3 different speeds) you feel satisfied that you are getting the massage you truly want. But to make things easy and carefree for you, there are also pre-set programs that allow you to just sit down and melt away your pain and stress with the press of a button. Each pre-set session is different yet still designed to relieve stress and pain most effectively according to the specific pattern it follows.

Reclining from 115 to 175 degrees, the massage rollers in the back will help stretch and traction, assisting to relieve pain and pressure in the low back, the most common area of back pain.

The separate ottoman is dual in its function, allowing for a comfortable foot rest, as well as a functioning massaging ottoman. The top manually opens to expose dual rollers on each side to comfortable place your calves or feet into for an invigorating massage. It is entirely separate from the chair, leaving no hazardous cords to trip over. But despite it being a separate piece, it is operated by satellite function using the same remote, eliminating the inconvenience of two remotes.

Other users can enjoy the ottoman as well, not just the person sitting in the recliner. So put this ottoman anywhere in the room, and perhaps offer your guest a comfortable foot massage while you enjoy a relaxing back massage, though it’s not likely you’ll want to share any part of your pampering!

The overall function of this chair is simple, eliminating confusing technology and excessive program variances. But in that respect, it is also limited by not containing as many bells and whistles that other chairs may have. So if you prefer to keep your life simple, at the same time getting cozy and being pampered, then grab the ergonomically slim, easy-to-use remote, and relax away.

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