Prior to the last year, it is hard for me to see myself meditating. I’m the type that you might call a woman of action. At all times I was on the go. It would hardly for me to stop for even a few seconds in the daily routine of my life. Every split seconds of my life would be filled with activities I get involve. When I stop working, it was racquetball. When it wasn’t racquetball, I was use to go out with my friends as a habit. Stress reduction meditation never been entered in my mind. I have hectic schedule that I didn’t even know that I was stressed.

Subsequently, it strikes me unexpectedly. I had experienced a breakdown to myself easily like that. And there’s nothing had ever happened to me quickly. There’s nothing good happened to me at that moment. I was lying on the ground sobbing. My superior in the office gave me a couple of week’s vacations to set myself relax and I decided to find a treatment for myself. She said that I was well-adjusted, but that I was keen to keeping busy. I try to find some mindfulness stress reduction meditation. At first, my idea she was a fake. I told myself I don’t need meditation stress reduction. I just needed a week or two off at least that is what my boss told me. She said that it wasn’t that simple. Without stress reduction meditation, still I continue to feel the same inner tensions. And I would stay stressed until I recover this for the second time.

Experiences during meditation probably vary significantly from one individual to another, or at least if different techniques are involved. Relaxation, increased awareness, mental focus and clarity, and a sense of peace are the most common by-products of meditation.

Indeed I don’t want that kind. One breakdown was uneasy enough for me. I tried Reduce Stress meditation CDs. Primarily, I don’t even get myself to acquire it sincerely. I put on stress reduction CDs, heard the relaxing tone and the chimes, and split into laughter. Behind that, I realized that I was just wasting my time. And come into my mind if I had to acquire the stress reduction meditation sincerely or I should give it up altogether. And I preferred to give it up. In a week I did stress reduction meditation every morning. Everyday my meditation worked wonders. After one week, I felt much at ease. I could relax and take it easy without worrying. I did not need to always be panic around. It successfully changed my life!

Even if you don’t live a busy life like I do, stress reduction meditation can be helpful in a daily basis of our life. Whether you take a stress reduction meditation course, or used CDs like I did, it can change your life. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day, it can be greatly enough have an effect on the way you see the world. Mindfulness meditation is a powerful and helpful tool.

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