Quitting Smoking, Your Belief Will Trap You Or Set You Free


Many smokers believe that either it will be very difficult to quit or even impossible for them. This belief can be a self-fulfilling trap unless you realise that there is a way to escape.

Henry Ford famously stated that “if you think you can or you think you can’t you are right” So we can translate that as if you think you can quit or you think you can’t you are right.

This may sound too easy, but truly changing your mind and thinking can be tricky. Bruce Lipton Ph.D describes a human as a big petri dish and the medium that feeds us is our blood. He goes on to say that what defines the blood is our thoughts.

Our thoughts create a chemical response and we release hormones which match our thoughts. If we are in a state of fear and worry then we make more stress hormones. This makes us feel worse and makes us feel defeated, sometimes even before we start.

A belief that quitting is difficult will create stress hormones, you will feel worse and you will probably smoke more and feel even worse as you beat yourself up.

So now you want to quit, so you create a belief that you can. You find evidence to support you, such as speaking with others who have quit before you, or reading articles about the success of hypnosis for stopping cigarettes.

Slowly you gain confidence and start to believe that you too can give up the smokes. As your belief strengthens perhaps you will create mental pictures of yourself as a non-smoker. This in turn produces confident hormones, such as testosterone, and feel good hormones like dopamine.

Now you can do your hypnosis session with a high likelihood of success.

But what happens if you are trying to be positive but are full of doubt? Being anxious about quitting is natural, because it is important to you, so do the best you can but be determined to succeed. Don’t just give it a go and see what will happens!

Go to hypnosis with an attitude that even though I’m nervous I am absolutely committed to quitting and to my future and I will succeed. Nothing will stop me from being free from smoking. This attitude will support you and walk in with your head held high in a position of power and expectation and you will be set free.

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