Quit Smoking with the “Edgar Cayce Apple Fast?”


There are alternative approaches to the traditional methods of stopping smoking. The Edgar Cayce Apple Fast is one of them. It is designed to cleanse the body and mind.

With this method, the idea is to eat only raw apples for 3 days, supplemented by olive oil.

Apples contain pectin which, it is claimed, can leech toxins out of the bloodstream. The unfortunate consequence is that they can also cause other upsets and those that advocate the diet irresponsibly claim that vitamins and minerals are not only not necessary, but also downright useless in that situation.

Nothing else should be added to the diet, devotees claim. Distilled water should be taken in quantity, but normal water is banned (as along with the vitamins, the minerals in the water serve simply to weaken the absorptive power of the apples).

Grand claims are made: the olive oil soothes the intestines and the apples scrape the intestines. I still laugh when I read the official version which states “this can produce mild to moderate distress,
especially among the elderly.”

In my mind it sounds downright dangerous.

The body was not made to withstand and avoid the healing and nourishing effects of vitamins and mineral. Nor is there evidence that “absorbing and scraping” has any beneficial or lasting effect. It seems that ill-judged advice such as this can be as dangerous as smoking itself.

I believe that people should be wary of embarking on such a radical course of action that is so antagonistic to the normal needs of the human body. Seek medical advice.

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