Portable Massage Tables

Massage includes the manipulation of deeper and superficial layers of connective tissues and muscle to assist in the healing process, enhance function, as well as promote well-being and relaxation. Massage includes manipulating and acting on the body using pressure – moving, stationary, unstructured, or structured – vibration, motion, or tension performed manually or using mechanical aids.

Targeted tissues might involve joints, skin, fascia, ligaments, tendons, muscles, or additional connective tissue, and lymphatic vessels, or gastrointestinal system organs. Massage could be applied with the feet, forearm, knees, elbows, fingers, and hands. There include more than 80 various recognized massage modules. The more cited purposes for presenting massage as therapy are perceived clinical effectiveness and client demand.


Vichy showers

Vichy showers are a type of hydrotherapy that utilizes a sequence of shower nozzles that spray large amounts of water over a person as they lie within a shallow wet bed, sort of like massage tables, yet with drainage for water. The nozzles might typically be changed for temperature, direction and height.

Dry-water Massage Beds

Dry-water massage beds use water jets to conduct the massage of a person’s muscles. The beds vary from Vichy showers in that a person typically remains dry. Two popular kinds include one where a client lies upon the waterbed-like mattress containing warm water and water will jet out and there will be air bubbles and one where a person lies upon a foam pad and will be covered by plastic sheets and then is sprayed by warm water jets, sort of like a Vichy shower. The initial kind is occasionally seen obtainable for use within shopping centers and malls for a nominal charge.


Several various kinds of oils could be utilized involving mustard oil, pecan oil, sesame oil, macadamia oil, almond oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and fractionated coconut oil. Each oil will possess various properties and will serve various purposes. Salts will additionally be utilized in relation to oils to get rid of dry skin. Heat rocks will additionally be utilized for relaxing muscles.

Body Rocks

Body rocks are a serpentine-shape tool, typically carved of stone. They’re utilized to amplify a therapist’s focus and strength pressure upon specific regions. They could be utilized directly upon your skin with a lubricant like corn starch or oil, or directly over clothes.

Chairs and Tables

An ergonomic chair will serve a similar functionality as massage tables. Chairs might be portable or stationary units. Massage chairs will be simpler for a practitioner to carry around than a massage table, and customers won’t have to take off their clothing to get chair massages. Because of these factors, chair massages are oftentimes done at corporate offices, outside festivals, malls, and additional public facilities.

Specialized chairs and massage tables are utilized to position a client while having a massage. Typical commercial massage tables have a horseshoe-shape head support allowing a client to easily breathe when lying face down, heavily padded surface, can be easily cleaned, and could be stationary massage tables or portable massage tables. Orthopedic pillows or bolsters could be utilized to correct the body positioning.

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