Omega Massage Chairs Provide Effective Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is being replicated more and more effectively in today’s advanced massage chairs. One brand in particular has captured many realistic massage treatments with their technology. Omega massage incorporates effective functions and programs to deliver relaxing and soothing relief.

The entry level massage recliner for Omega is the M-2 Orion. This superior model provides a Hawaiian style massage technique with its Sway technique. The M-2 loosens the tight muscles of the back with its gentle, yet penetrating sway therapy.

The M2 Orion has full body capability with its eight massage heads incorporated into the seat. You can even add vibration to stimulate the capillary vessels and increase blood circulation. The leg rest is extendable an extra four inches which helps to target the areas in most need of attention in your legs.

The Prestigio OM-510 massage chair is a stylishly designed mid-range recliner. The OM 510 comes with some excellent programming for its automatic massages. These therapeutic treatments penetrate throughout the back for deep relief.

The Prestigio is designed to provide thorough penetration of the lower lumbar area. The penetrating therapy invigorates and revitalizes the sore muscles of the lower back. Just select one of the timed automatic massages and let the Prestigio alleviate your aches and pains.

The Montage Elite massage chair is an excellent luxury, high end model. The Montage Elite comes with 5 automatic programs for different types of treatments. You can choose more subtle techniques and therapies or more vigorous depending on your situation. If you have a particular area, then you can select a particular technique and pinpoint a given area for relief.

The Montage Elite not only has very effective full body massage capabilities, but it also provides many additional features not found in other massage recliners. To relax your mind, The Montage Elite comes with an MP3 player with headphones. Just put on your favorite music and let the Montage take you away.

If you are looking for the best, try the Montage Premier massage chair. The Montage Premier has it all. It comes with the same great features as the Montage Elite, but with the addition of an arm and hand massage. The Montage Premier has an effective air compression system built throughout the recliner.

The Montage Premier comes with full body heat therapy with individual section control in the chair back, seat and leg rest. Apply heat to where you need it most and reduce swelling while enhancing healing. The Premier by Omega has a lower body traction system which gently elongates the lower body.

The Montage Premier massage chair is the pinnacle of the Omega line. It is also built to accommodate persons up to 6′ 6″ and has an extendable leg rest. You get 30 inches of stroke length for the back, neck and shoulders. The Montage Premier is the connoisseurs delight.

If you are looking for a massage chair, then you should check out the Omega massage chair line. Omega is known for their striking designs, advanced technology and effective massage therapy. They have developed some of the most innovative and feature filled massage chairs on the market today. Omega has a massage chair for all your massage therapy needs.

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