Initially matters initially. Enable me outline my phrases so that we leave a strong ground for knowledge every single other.

There is a Nordic/Germanic pantheon of Gods and Goddess’s known as the “Northern Gods or “Norse Gods.” The important Gods/Goddess’s of the pantheon are Odin, the Alfather, Frigga the Almother, Thor their son Frey and Freya, the twin Gods, Tyr the courageous God.

There are extra but for the time currently being we shall chat about meditating with the male Norse Gods Odin, Thor, Tyr and Frey.

Now what do I suggest by meditation? Meditation is not a passive act like some gurus preach. This is very risky. Your brain is quite powerful and to open up the portcullis that secure it, predominantly your consciousness, is to invite risk and even possession into your mental castle.

Meditation wants to be a formal exercise where by you know exactly what it is you want to do and in which you want your head to go. Feelings are items and what you touch with your intellect you bring in into your Aura. And what you carry in your aura will help generate your bodily truth.

The Guidelines of Quantum Physics inform us that ALL is Vitality. You are electrical power, your thoughts are strength, the Northern Pantheon of Gods in Energy.

These regulations also inform us that almost everything that at any time was, is or will be, exists in an infinite ocean of pondering, clever electricity identified as the Quantum Ocean.

The Northern Mythology named it ‘Mimir’s Well’. The Northern Gods and Goddess’s exist in the Quantum Ocean and have always existed there for the reason that there is no time there is only the Now.

So when you meditate upon one of the Northern Gods, your head reaches out (considering that there is no space on the Psychological level) and touches that certain God.
When Mental speak to is manufactured, energy flows involving you and the God.

The whole concept of this Norse God Meditation Magic is to bring in the energies of a specific God bringing them into your Aura.

You really don’t definitely want to be Odin. But you do want to catch the attention of the knowledge and inspiration energies of Odin into your Aura and hence come to be additional clever.

You you should not genuinely want to turn out to be Thor but you want to attract the electricity and protection of Thor into your lifestyle. If you want to entice Bravery then summon Tyr into your daily life.

Lastly if you want more masculinity and virility into your lifetime it is Frey you want. Oh, I virtually forgot, What is Magic?

Magic is the transferring of energies variety a single area to one more devoid of any physical implies.

In this scenario your magic will be directed by your thoughts your to shift energies out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimirs well) into your aura. What energies you carry into your Aura will grow to be your actual physical fact.

Right here is the work out.

Sit comfortably in your chair, preferably early in the early morning when the chatter and clatter of the outdoors planet is quiet. If you have a print of the Northern Gods it will enable, but it is not vital. Recall what you appear at with your eyes you also “contact” and appeal to.

Glimpse at the print of Odin, focus on it. Then just take a deep breath and mentally say, ” I am now inhaling the wisdom of Odin out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir’s Properly) into my Aura.”

Feel the vitality circulation. See it with your head. Golden spirals of vitality filling your Aura.

Do this 3 periods and then get up and go about your times organization. Do it day by day and slowly but surely but absolutely you will come to be wiser and wiser. It is the Law of Quantum Physics and Psychological Magic.

Now Thor, “I am now inhaling the electrical power and protective energies out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir’s Well) and into my Aura.” Do this A few situations although visualizing or hunting at your photograph of Thor.

Now Tyr. “I am now inhaling the courageous electrical power of Tyr, out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir’s Effectively) and into my Aura.” 3 situations.

Frey, “I am now inhaling the masculine energies of Frey out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir’s Nicely) into my Aura. 3 moments.

Do this day by day and you will obtain by yourself starting to be wiser, stronger, more courageous and much more masculine and virile. This is recognised as structural awareness. Information that you can use in your daily lifetime.

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