The challenge with people who have limited knowledge on a subject is that they would often turn around and pass myths just because they do not have all the information. These are often statements that have no truth in them. Yet they reach so many people with this false information through internet or secondary information.

The following are common myths which you should never fall prey to.

1. Dahn Yoga meditation is a cult: this is of course far from being true. The reasons advanced for this myth are mainly those that demonstrate that those reporting the cases are simply ignorant. Take for instance the communal meditation sessions that practitioners attend either as part of pilgrimages.

2. Ilchi Lee is the spiritual leader of this cult: The truth is that Mr. Lee is a businessman from Korea who started this form of yoga. As the founder, he is often seen opening new communities of Dahn Yoga meditation partners across the world. He has also inspired many other leaders to grow in the practice which is quickly paying dividends through a large network of trainers and cell leaders.

3. Leaders extort money from meditation followers: there are instances where followers or practitioners have collected funds. These have however been aimed at supporting activities involving the members. Most of the cell groups operate autonomously and therefore they do not need to support any higher offices. This is often the conduit through which religious organizations would usurp or extort money from its members.

4. Dahn Yoga prohibits modern day medical care: this is unfounded because it instead supports people to achieve better quality healthcare. There are many illnesses that would be impossible to manage in modern day medical care centers. The focus on mind and body enables one to take control of certain hormones and the good chakra that promotes healing.

5. The practitioners are brain-washed: While Dahn emphasizes on the importance of brain wave in determining the health status of the rest of the body, the members are not taught to think in a certain way. In fact, the reverse is true. Practitioners often have special teachings on the control of the brain with a direct benefit to the rest of the body.

The benefits that come with Dahn Yoga meditation are what encourage people to join it. It is not about any false claims or coercing that more and more people are joining the movement. It is also a very peaceful practice and therefore harmless to those who do not believe or practice it. The doors of the meeting places are always open and therefore you can trust.

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