Hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people overcome phobias and attain more conscious control over their minds. It is a deeply relaxing state of mind and body that can achieve seeming miracles. However, when it is used in conjunction with NLP the changes you can make in your life are truly breath-taking!

NLP is an abbreviation of Neuro-linguistic Programming. NLP was co-founded by Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the 1970s. The two men based their system on the extremely successful psychotherapists Virginia Satir, Milton H. Erickson and Fritz Perls. It was the intention of Bandler and Grinder to develop a system that modeled these psychotherapists in order to create a psychological tool that would lead to immediate and dramatic change in human behavior by giving a person more choice in their reactions to events, situations and people. The two men were very successful in their attempts.

NLP was designed to lead to an increase in choice and flexibility when confronted with situations that in the past caused only one reaction. The way a person is conditioned to think and feel about a subject tends to make them respond in an automatic way. Phobias are a great example of this. If you think of someone who has a fear of spiders and imagine their reaction if they were to find one crawling up their body towards their face you will get the idea!

NLP is a complex model that would be impossible to fully explain in this article. However, for the purposes of creating self-change there are some areas which are easily explained and are very relevant. When these techniques are combined with the power of hypnosis there is no change that you cannot create in your life.

Hypnosis and NLP offer many different tools designed to recondition human behaviour, thought and reactions.

Neuro-linguistic Programming was designed to give you more freedom of choice. It incorporates the use of language, body gestures and voice to tone to create lasting real change in your behaviours and reactions. Through reframing NLP can be used to challenge irrational or faulty beliefs. Through the use of anchoring you can literally anchor the beliefs, actions or feelings you chose to certain behaviors, thoughts or situations. This type of anchoring can be used for anything. For example through a simple anchoring exercise like the one below you can create massive change in your life by altering how you think, feel and react in situations.

Recall a memory that was very pleasant. The best memory you have that makes you feel great. Now recall the memory as best you can until you evoke all those special feelings you felt at the time. When you have this picture in your head and are feeling really great press the first finger and thumb of your right hand together. Perform this exercise three times a day and within a few days you will be able to press your finger and thumb together and immediately feel the rush of positive emotions. You can now have those positive feelings anytime you want regardless of what is going on in your immediate environment. You can create a permanent anchor by performing this exercise for three weeks. This will create a lasting permanent anchor. However, if for some reason in the future you no longer which to have the anchor all you have to do is anchor in some other behaviour to the gesture instead.

This is a natural normal phenomenon. Have you ever smelt a perfume or aftershave and it immediately reminded you of someone?

This kind of anchoring has been employed very successfully by the best hypnotists to help eliminate phobias. Let’s go back to the arachnophobia example and our subject who has a fear of spiders. After some reframing to challenge the irrational fear an NLP practitioner or hypnotherapist will begin to anchor in feelings of calm and peace while directing the subject to think of spiders. This is a little more complicated than the finger and thumb exercise but the premise is the same.

In a like manner anyone can emulate the actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings of their idols by anchoring the person’s behaviour to their own. Using NLP in this way you can model and emulate the behaviours and achievements of the most successful people on the planet.

Imagine that a person who you respect and would like to emulate is standing in front of you. Imagine what they are feeling and thinking. Really create a vivid image in your mind of what this means to you. Then, in your mind, step up behind the person and walk into them as though you were becoming one person. Feel how that person is feeling and allow their thoughts to fill your head. After several days you will find yourself emulating those behaviours that you chose when doing the exercise.

When these techniques are combined with hypnosis and performed mentally under hypnotic trance the changes can occur much more quickly.

If you wish to create more abundance in your life you can also anchor in the feelings of wealth using the finger and thumb exercise. You can anchor these feelings, thoughts and behaviours to any gesture or word you like. Also imagine someone who has the abundance and wealth you seek. Imagine how they think and feel in regards to money and prosperity. Then step into them and take on their beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Once again press together your thumb and finger (perhaps using your left hand this time). You will be surprised at how quickly your attitude changes and how swiftly you begin to make decisions that lead you to more abundance.

Play with these exercises and enjoy the changes they will create.

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