Hypnosis Isn’t Real

How can I say such a thing? How can I make the claim that there is no such thing as hypnosis? How can I make such a bold statement when there is ample evidence to suggest that hypnosis works? After all isn’t hypnosis now accepted by mainstream medicine as a viable alternative to pain-relievers and operative anaesthetic?

Well, there really is no such thing as hypnosis! No one can hypnotize you to do something that you have not given your consent to do. No one can force you to cluck like a chicken, through hypnosis, unless you have given your internal consent to do it.

There really is no such thing as hypnosis because all hypnosis is Self Hypnosis!

Even when a qualified hypnotherapist guides you into a state of trance, or you use a carefully chosen hypnotic recording, you are really entering a self hypnosis state. This is because you have initially given your consent to be hypnotized!

The hypnotic state is always self-induced. A hypnotherapist or hypnotic recording can only guide you into trance they cannot make it happen. You chose to enter the state of self hypnosis and do it to yourself!

The truth is you allow yourself to be hypnotized everyday. Don’t believe me? Well to fully understand and accept that you do enter states of self hypnosis throughout every day you must first comprehend the state I am referring to. Self hypnosis occurs when you are relaxed but focused. Your attention is narrowed to a single subject while you feel relaxed and at peace.

You experience the trance state associated with self hypnosis when you are completely focused on what you are doing to the exclusion of everything else. Such trance states occur when you watch a film that captures your imagine – you need to do this or you could not identify with the characters and become “involved” in the plot. You enter self hypnosis when you read a book or daydream.

These self hypnosis states are easily identified by scientists as trance states because research has shown that the brain produces alpha brainwaves. These brainwaves are also evident in many forms of meditation and it has been shown that when in this state behaviours, beliefs, emotional responses and thought-processes can be changed, replaced or reinforced!

Self hypnosis is a natural state and due to much research it is also a state that is predictable!

Do not confuse self hypnosis with sleep. Many people have this misconception. Self hypnosis is the opposite of sleep. Although the body is very relaxed the mind is very focused and highly aware. For these reasons self hypnosis can be used to retrain the brain to think differently. You can reprogram your mind with new behaviours, eliminate habits and even change your thoughts and beliefs with self hypnosis!

Well, you now know that all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. All you need to do now is prove it for yourself!

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