Golf – Physical Factors That Influence Your Swing


If you are a golfer then this is good news to you. You can improve you golfing skills with the help of a chiropractor. A chiropractor can run a golf shape Rx and a golf body screen and identify the physical factors that are not conducive toward a perfect game. Through simple golf exercises a chiropractor can help you overcome these hurdles and help you deliver a flawless swing and ensure golf fitness.

The five factors that control the ball flight

As we are all aware there are five factors that control ball flight. These five factors have a direct impact on your game.

– Club face alignment

– Swing path

– Angle of attack

– Hitting the sweet spot

– Club head speed

Even if any one of these is affected, it will lead to swing faults. But all these five factors are closely associated with your physical fitness factors.

An overview of how the muscles work

The muscle balance gives you a good posture and helps you deliver better swings.

– The tonic muscle shortens and tightens a posture.

– The phasic muscle leads to dynamic movements such as swinging and club movements.

Both muscles react to mental stress making them to stretch and weaken ending up with back pain and imbalance, especially after 40.

What imbalance can do to you?

A player with imbalance could have any one or some of the following:

– A poor posture

– A spinal curve that changes his spinal mechanics

– A restricted torso rotation resulting in a faulty swing

In these cases, tonic muscle of low stimulation will override phasic muscle of high stimulation and affect your swing.

An overview of how the neuromechanical system works

After you want to deliver a good swing, your brain will send messages to restore muscle balance. The impulse is passed through a set of neurons, triggering a neurological command in your brain to make mechanical movements and restore normal balance. There are four neuromechanical factors created by the combination of the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems to produce a golf swing. These determine a golfer’s readiness to swing. They are:

– Muscle balance and flexibility

– Static and dynamic postural stability

– Strength

– Power

Perfect coordination of these physical and neuromechanical factors will help you deliver a flawless swing. All human muscles are not the same. The mechanical factors – the muscles and the working joints – and the neuro factor – the body’s response to the brain’s command – govern your game.

Swing path, angle of attack, hitting the sweet spot and club head speed are influenced by muscle balance, flexibility and static and dynamic postural stability but club head speed is also influenced by strength and power. A player with an imbalance or a poor posture alters his spine mechanics which demands his other joints to compensate, such as his torso rotation, affecting his golf swing.

Physical factors that can influence your swing

Therefore, for a better swing you have to:

– Balance the action of the tonic and phasic muscles

– Practice the brain to react instantaneously and send messages

– Restore normal muscle balance

A chiropractor can help you achieve these through simple exercises. Practice makes a man perfect. The more you exercise and practice the better you can play. Tune up your body with the help of a chiropractor to play a better game.

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