Give Yourself A Bright And Healthy Electric Toothbrush Smile


A smile adds extra beauty and warmth to your face and especially when it is enhanced by a healthy and clean set of bright, white teeth.

When we meet people for the first time, nothing leaves a deeper impression than a genuine and attractive smile. Your smile is a beautiful gift that costs absolutely nothing. For a beautiful smile it is really important to have clean and white teeth because they will indirectly leave a deep impression on others. That is one of the reasons why it is very important to take good care of your dental health. The most important tool for this purpose is obviously your toothbrush.

The oldest type of toothbrush is the Manual Toothbrush, which has a hard plastic handle with soft nylon bristles on one end. Some of the latest manual toothbrushes contain tongue sweepers as well to clean not only the teeth but the gums and tongue that surround them.

They are cheap and easily available. The latest types of toothbrushes are electric, sonic, and especially for babies, chewable toothbrushes. The Electric Toothbrush is one of the best types to effectively remove plaque and bacteria. They are recommended by dental surgeons as the best kind of toothbrush to maintain healthy and white teeth.

The electric toothbrush was devised by Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog in 1954 and is a type that uses electrical power to move the brush over your teeth. The electric power is usually supplied by a rechargeable battery and allows the brushes to oscillate to and fro or rotate whilst cleaning.


There are two types depending upon the type of oscillation:

– Vibrating
– Rotating

How One Works

The motor allows the brushes to make approximately 3000-7000 motions per minute. These motions are rotating in nature and use the power supplied by the battery to replicate the motion of your hands. Unlike the manual toothbrush the electric toothbrush does the muscle work for you. They are manufactured so that their bristles move to and fro or rotate depending upon the type of toothbrush. Their oscillating action removes plaque and bacteria leaving behind clean and sparkling teeth.

How To Use One

The wrong use of electric toothbrush can damage your gums, so it is very important to use it correctly. It should not be used with a heavy hand because this may cause wearing of the enamel. This may also make your teeth sensitive. If it is a vibrating toothbrush you are recommended to use it just like a manual toothbrush. In the case of the rotating toothbrush you need to slide it slowly over the teeth. It is very important to control the toothbrush carefully around the gums or they may bleed.


If you asked a kid which they thought was better, an electric or a manual brush, they would say without doubt an electric toothbrush, mainly because it is exciting to use. Although they cost more than the manual type they have some benefits worth paying the extra for.

  • They are very comfortable and easier to control and handle for people who have dexterity problems
  • They remove plaque faster because of their high power bristles
  • They are more beneficial for lazy people who consider brushing a chore because they remove plaque quickly
  • An electronic toothbrush can help prevent tooth and gum disease
  • Different power levels for gentler or harder brushing
  • The impressive thing about these brushes is that they can use a variety of interchangeable toothbrush heads like soft, hard etc.


  • Brushing too hard may ruin gum tissues
  • Heavy pressure may destroy teeth enamel

Be sure to choose a model with a gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums


  • Electric toothbrushes are usually costly
  • A clear understanding of usage is required

Weighing the cost against the price of more dental treatment and pain they don’t turn out so costly.

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