Eden Energy Medicine Techniques to Help Acute Insomnia


Ten minutes go by, fifteen, twenty. You tell yourself not to look at the clock, but you do anyway. It’s been a half hour and you’re still not asleep. Thoughts from the day race through your mind at breakneck speed. You begin to worry about what needs to get done tomorrow. Then the tossing and turning begins. Finally you drift into a restless sleep, only to wake an hour later.

This is insomnia, a sleep disorder many of us encounter at some point in our lives.

It is usually caused by stressful events, such as a job loss, a change in relationship or an unexpected health concern. But sometimes the daily stresses and strains of our “normal lives” can lead to that unwanted midnight soul searching.

Usually, insomnia will resolve itself naturally in less than three months. This type of insomnia is known as “acute insomnia.” But when you aren’t getting a full night’s sleep, three months-or even a week-can feel like a miserable lifetime.

To remedy your acute insomnia, first, address your sleep hygiene. Many good articles have been written on how to solve sleep difficulties naturally by addressing your sleeping habits, environment and more.

Next, try these three simple energy medicine exercises based on the award winning work of author and teacher Donna Eden. You can do these exercises lying in bed, and you can’t overdo them. In fact, the more often you practice these techniques, the quicker you will restore your energy to complete balance.

Hook up: This exercise leaves you feeling whole, calm and connected.

  • Place the middle finger of one hand in your navel and lightly tug up towards the head.
  • Place the middle finger of your other hand in the location of the “third eye” at the middle of your forehead. Again, tug up lightly.
  • Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth for a minute.

Close your “third eye”: This exercise helps you to shut off disruptive thoughts and images.

  • Imagine you have an “eyelid” or little window shade in the middle of your forehead
  • Take your thumb and place it in the middle of your forehead (the location of the third eye).
  • Inhale deeply, and on the exhale, pull your thumb down the center of your forehead to the bridge of your nose, as if you are pulling the windowshade or eyelid down.
  • Repeat as often as needed.

Calm your “fight or flight” response: This exercise helps to lessen worry, anxiety, tension, headaches and angry thoughts.

  • Rest the palm of your left hand lightly on your cheek so that your fingertips are lightly touching your temple.
  • Rest your right hand across the center of your throat, covering the inside edges of your collarbone.
  • Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth for a minute or so.
  • Switch hands and repeat on the other side.

Why try energy medicine? Whenever we have a health challenge, you can bet it is being reflected in your “energy anatomy,” including your aura, chakras and acupuncture meridians. Energy Medicine restores balance and renews your body’s natural energies. Use these techniques consistently and you will not only resolve your insomnia. You will find yourself better prepared to face the challenges of your daily life.

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