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Duncan McColl

Duncan McColl founded Pilgrim Tapes and Cds and has been in the healing field for over 40 years. He was an internationally acclaimed analytical hypnotherapist, behavioural and management science consultant who used his experience to help the most challenging human issues. He has also authored two remarkable books; “The Magic of Mind Power” and “Precision Therapy”.

Magic of Mind Power

The “Magic of Mind Power” is aimed at anyone who wants to understand themselves more and the means to do this. Using self-hypnosis to help make changes to behaviour, urges and habits, this book contains many other useful insights into living happily and healthily. Indeed it has also been translated into other languages as its reputation has spread internationally.

Pilgrim Tapes

Duncan McColl also instilled his life lessons and experience into audio recordings in the form of self hypnosis and under the label of Pilgrim Tapes. Each recording is aimed at specific ailments and issues. These might be a lack of confidence, menopause issues, impotence, stress, alcoholism, cancer and many more.

Whisper Subliminals

In response to an unusual request and set of circumstances, he developed a subliminal healing recording which he called a Whisper Subliminal. This recording could be played at anytime and did not require the listener to sit or lie down. In fact because of the way the Whisper Subliminal is used it is also possible to do other things whilst letting the recording play in the background.

Duncan’s recordings soon gathered a marketing momentum which is all the more remarkable when you consider that he did not pursue any marketing strategy. His own client’s and fellow therapists found the recordings so effective that Duncan soon found that keeping up with the constant demand was a full-time job in itself.

Today, that word-of-mouth marketing is still the main driving force behind the demand for Duncan McColl cds and now mp3s.

Happy Living

Part of Duncan’s secret was his ability to seamlessly blend the wisdom from many areas of philosophy, psychotherapy, Zen, Sufism, hypnotherapy and NLP. His unique and persuasive voice gently guides the listener to new insights and release from past blocks to happy living.

Duncan also drew on personal experiences too as we all would do. He had spent many years abroad, living and working in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Spain. He served as an RAF pilot during World War 2.

Duncan himself said that his books and tapes draw on twenty-five centuries of teachings by the greatest Masters, past and present, interwoven with original concepts based on forty years experience in helping people.

One quote from Duncan McColl’s book “The Magic of Mind Power” says it all:

“Born as an eagle, why choose to live like a parrot with clipped wings?”

Sadly on 7th September 2007 Duncan McColl passed away aged 85. Those of us who knew him have had to say goodbye to a dear friend and a wise colleague. Knowing his wonderful sense of humour, he will still be delighting wherever he is right now. He always lived with noble purpose.

Duncan’s Legacy

Fortunately Duncan McColl’s legacy lives on. Transferred and digitaly enhanced, his taped recordings for IBS, allergies, nail-biting, stress, success, public speaking and many more are now available on cd or mp3 download.

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