Dos and Don’ts During Self-Hypnosis


Self-hypnosis has become one of the most popular and effective means of settling certain issues, such as depression and anxiety. Through the use of affirmations and subliminal messages, hypnosis allows a person to take full control of his or her thoughts and emotions, getting rid of anything negative and exchanging it with something positive.

Self-hypnosis is also ideal if you don’t like to deal with psychiatrists and psychologists. You can do this at the comforts of your own home, at any time.

However, not all self-hypnosis sessions will turn out to be successful. In fact, others will feel frustrated and label it a complete fraud. There’s a good chance that the failure is brought about the mistakes you commit before or during the session.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when you’re doing hypnosis:

Do look for a good time and location for hypnosis. For you to receive the subliminal messages or affirmations more quickly and efficiently, you need to be really calm. Thus, it helps if your surrounding is also very peaceful and tranquil. You may want to perform the hypnosis in your bedroom or living room, if there’s no one else around. As for the time, the best are usually during the morning before you get busy with something or evening before you go to bed.

Don’t clutter your mind. The peace should come not only on the outside but also on the inside. The subliminal messages should not be blocked by any other thoughts. Hypnosis requires full concentration and participation from you. You may want to set aside your worries, to-do list-everything that takes a lot of your thoughts.

Do maintain proper breathing. Why is it important to do proper breathing? By doing so, you can keep your blood pressure down, heart rate slower, and the entire body more relaxed and calmer. You can also use your breathing to remain in the moment. You simply need to be very aware of your inhaling and exhaling.

Do make use of certain tools. There are several materials you can utilize for self-hypnosis. Usually, you will make use of CDs and mp3 files, which contain the affirmation along with soothing music for further relaxation. You need to listen to them while you’re going into hypnosis.

Don’t just choose the affirmations randomly. For the affirmations or the subliminal messages to be used immediately and make sense, you may have to be very selective about them. You can match the positive statements with the issues you’re currently facing. For example, if you want to get rid of weight, the affirmation may say “I am beautiful.” If you’re trying to cope with grief, the subliminal message can be “I am surrounded by the love and care of family and friends.”

Don’t make this a one-time affair. For the subliminal messages to really get into your subconscious, the hypnosis should not be accomplished at one time only. It’s even recommended you do so on a regular basis. Most of the sessions don’t last for more than an hour, so it doesn’t eat up a lot of your time.

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