Deep Hypnosis Techniques – How to Deepen a Hypnotic Trance

Deep Hypnosis Techniques – How to Deepen a Hypnotic Trance

Once you’ve managed to put your subject into a hypnotic trance, chances are that you will want to deepen their hypnotic state. Generally speaking, the deeper a person’s trance the better – they’ll feel more relaxed and even if there’s no difference in what you actually say to them, their perception will be that it’s been a good hypnosis session. In turn, this will increase the effectiveness of the treatment, so it’s win-win.

Here are some simple methods for deepening a hypnotic trance:

1. Be blunt – tell them they’re going deeper!

Depending on your subject and whether or not they’ve been hypnotized before, this can work well. They’re already relaxed and when you tell them that with every long, deep breath they take they will go deeper into trance, there’s a good chance this will happen. Subtle? No. Does it work? Yes, almost all the time!

2. Walk them down some steps

Most times when I put someone into a hypnotic trance, they were in a forest clearing. It’s my preferred method. But funnilly enough, there is almost always a set of steps at the edge of the clearing (it’s fine – hypnosis doesn’t have to make perfect sense!). As they descend these steps, which you count out one by one, they will find themselves going deeper into trance. In much the same way as they are going down the steps – the mind associates these two processes and happily goes along with the suggestion that “physically” moving down a set of steps goes hand in hand with deepening a hypnosis trance. If you like to use a beach scene for your inductions, you can work steps or stairs into this just as easily.

3. Speed up the deepening

This can be added to any deepening technique that you like. There’s nothing that says that people have to go gradually into a hypnotic trance. Once your subject has started to be hypnotized, you can tell them that the next step or breath or whatever will double the depth of their trance. Or will increase it five times, or ten times or even a hundred times.

Their mind will almost always go along with the suggestion – you’ve already got them into a hypnotic state, remember – and then you can take them into the deepest hypnotic trance they’ve ever experienced. Even using those words will likely help them to trance themselves into a really deep state.

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