Control Premature Ejaculation Through Self Hypnosis


As many as 30% of all men suffer from premature ejaculation, yet most of the advice being dispensed on the subject is wildly inaccurate and most of the so called cures don’t work. Even the causes of premature ejaculation are subject to debate.

One theory is that premature ejaculation is a habit that men develop as adolescents through fast masturbation. As teens, males masturbate frequently and rush the process to reach orgasm as quickly as possible to avoid being caught by a parent. The years of rushing through the act of masturbation ends up training the body to rush through intercourse as well, leading to premature ejaculation.

Commonly recommended remedies like the “squeeze” technique (squeezing the tip of the penis for a few seconds before climax), the “stop and start” technique (pausing during intercourse to delay orgasm) and the “distraction” technique (thinking of something boring or unappealing during sex) yield unsatisfactory results. The squeeze and stop and start techniques strip the pleasure from intercourse because they depend on lessening arousal and the distraction technique often results in loss of erection. All three also interfere with the sexual partner’s ability to enjoy intercourse.

Self hypnosis, however, is a powerful and effective tool in curing premature ejaculation. By listening to prerecorded self hypnosis programs, available on CDs or downloadable MP3s, it’s possible to reprogram the brain to remove the barriers that are standing in the way of a healthy, satisfying sex life. Using self hypnosis, it’s possible to experience noticeable improvement within just a few weeks without the use of creams, dangerous devices or techniques that involve decreasing pleasure to delay orgasm.

The proper setting is essential in order for self hypnosis to work effectively. Sitting in a comfortable chair in a relaxed position, or even laying in bed, is necessary in order to relax enough to induce a hypnotic state. The use of stereo headphones helps, as it filters out distracting background noises and allows the user to concentrate on the material being presented.

Any fears of losing control while under hypnosis are unwarranted. Contrary to what is portrayed in films or stage acts, it is impossible to brain wash, control or in any way force anyone to do something they don’t want to do while under hypnosis.

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