Becoming Whole Again With Meditation


The mind is restless and you may find it challenging to sit for meditation. This is normal when you first start a regular meditation practice. The highly-charged world of action that we live in everyday constantly calls upon us to react and respond to all kinds of external stimulus. The most important thing to understand when starting to meditate is be patient.

Meditation techniques vary, but they all have the same goal, peace of mind. A state in which you see things more clearly, and guide your life in a direction towards peace and happiness. Some people meditate to become more calm during periods of stress. Other people meditate to find our more about themselves. If life is pulling you in many different directions you could return to the feeling of being whole by developing a regular meditation practice.

You may find it helpful to sit with a group that practices meditation regularly. If you are new to the practice a meditation group will help you feel supported. Over time you will find settling of the mind and body becomes easier. And the length of time you sit for your practice increases.

Yoga enables one to learn to use a deeper awareness of the breath which allows the deeper states of meditation to happen naturally. The physical movement of yoga is invigorating for the whole body.

If you have 5 minutes at the beginning or end of your day this is a good start for a new meditation practice. And after a week you can add another five minutes, so that soon you are up to sitting for your meditation practice for at least ten minutes. There is no set limit on the time for meditation. But the key is your intention and that you become more consistent.

Give your self time to adjust to the routine of a regular meditation practice. Sometimes it is helpful to practice yoga or other movement after your meditation. If sitting for your meditation becomes challenging don’t be discouraged. A group setting could be helpful in that you could ask questions or compare experiences with others. Each time you practice you will have more methods that help you deepen your meditation. Although there are many books, articles and other tools available for meditation there is a unique experience waiting for each person who takes the time to allow meditation to help them become whole again. It is OK to start with short meditation sessions just where you are.

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