Hypnosis is becoming an increasingly accepted form of treatment. This is, in most part, because of how accessible the internet has made if for the average person. Now anyone can search for hypnosis MP3s and videos and have a wide range of results returned to them. Even better is that this content is usually very inexpensive or sometimes even free.

Despite all the resources now available there is still an air of mystery about hypnosis. For some people this makes hypnosis all the more attractive, but for others it can turn them off. One of the images most associated with hypnosis is the hypnotic spiral. Many don’t understand how the spiral works, only that it does. To explain how the hypnosis spiral works first it is important to understand how hypnosis itself works.

The hypnotic process is actually quite simple. The first thing that needs to be done is to quieten the conscious mind. This keeps away all those nagging thoughts that may run through your mind. Once this has been achieved you can then implant certain hypnotic suggestions. Because the conscious mind has been quietened this allows the suggestions to be taken in my the subconscious. This is important because the subconscious houses all your ingrained habits and instincts. This means that hypnosis can help a person to beat an addiction, lose weight, become more confident as well as many other things.

With that now understood lets look at how the hypnosis spiral works. The typical spiral is black and white and you can find many examples of this on free video sites such as YouTube. During a regular hypnosis session a hypnotherapist quietens the conscious mind, however the hypnosis spiral does this automatically. When a person focuses on the centre of the spiral they become entranced, the conscious mind is quietened and the subconscious is then open to hypnotic suggestions.

Few hypnotherapists’ actually use the hypnosis spiral anymore, instead they use a more verbal induction. However you can see many hypnosis spiral videos on YouTube where the spiral is used to help people feel happy, lose weight, and even hypnotic tricks such as feeling high. You can also find many free spiral videos and moving images (gifs) on the internet with a simple search. These can then be used to construct your own self hypnosis session.

Hypnosis spirals aren’t for everyone but for many people they work extremely well. Try using one today and experience them for yourself.

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