Anorgasmia – How Self Hypnosis Can Help Anorgasmia


Many women may shy away from getting help for anorgasmia. However, there is discrete support available though the use of a hypnosis CD. You can guide your thoughts and natural bodily responses through the subconscious mind. This approach is convenient and you can complete your self-hypnosis at your own leisure.


Anorgasmia relates to the inability of an individual to reach orgasm in spite of generous stimulation. This medical term is commonly associated with a male’s inability to ejaculate but females suffer from this condition as well. Many women find the condition to be frustrating and distressing, making the need for support very important.

Types of Anorgasmia

The fundamental symptoms of the problem include an inability to climax or long postponement of orgasm. However, these symptoms differ in certain cases, making it necessary to organize them into categories. There are three different types of this condition in women.

Situational anogasmia is the most common and this category relates to problems reaching orgasm during specific encounters. Some women are prone to experience this problem when they are engaged in certain sexual activity but not in others.

Women who fall into the secondary category had orgasms in the past but are no longer able to climax now. Women who have primary type of this condition have never experienced an orgasm at all.

Physical Causes

Before seeking help for anorgasmia, it is important to consider the physical causes for the condition. You may be experiencing this problem because of an illness, medication or physical changes in your body. You can get support using a hypnosis CD and your doctor may have some advice as well.

Medical conditions like multiple sclerosis and diabetes can be causes for the problem. In some cases, women have trouble climaxing after gynecological surgery.

Antidepressants, blood pressure meds and over-the-counter antihistamines can be problematic. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are very disruptive in both men and women. Illegal drugs and excessive alcohol can interfere as well.

This condition can be part of the aging process. Your hormones change and so does your circulatory and neurological systems. You might have difficulty because the natural hormones are not being released and proper blood flow is problematic.

Psychological Causes

You can find help for anorgasmia because it has psychological factors that can be addressed. Anxiety, depression, stress, embarrassment and guilt are strong forces in the mind that can have an adverse effect on the body. An orgasm is a release. When you are anxious or stressed, you are not able to release.

Some women have difficulty because there are underlying relationship problems. When a woman does not feel connected with her partner, she may have difficulty releasing. There may be unresolved fights or infidelity to contend with or the problem could be poor communication.

Help For Anorgasmia

Hypnosis is effective in the treatment of this condition because it allows you to relax and release. Your thought patterns and subconscious mind can interrupt your ability to feel pleasure and they can be trained to do the reverse. A self-hypnosis CD is a convenient approach to help you find help for anorgasmia that is discrete and effective.

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